Zetor parts uk

Get to know the quality of Zetor tractors by taking a test drive! We will arrange it for you with your nearest dealer. Have you ever found a tractor in a shell instead of a nut? Then read on! Apart from these two Czech records, a further two unplanned records were also made - the largest number of tractors in one place and the longest running convoy of tractors of a single brand.

Are you looking for weekend baking inspiration or some tips for a short trip? The innovative version of the Zetor Crystal tractor, carrying the addition of HD, has been in serial production since September and customers can now order Zetors with six-cylinder engines.

zetor parts uk

Granted, there was no load, but even a brief ride brought a few interesting insights. More information. Zetor Hortus Zetor Utilix. Find out more. Scroll down. Book a test drive Get to know the quality of Zetor tractors by taking a test drive! First name. Last name. Mobile phone. Zip Code. Send request. Insert zetor. Sign up for our Zetor newsletter. More products Spare parts Front loaders. About Zetor Why Zetor? Sales and service network About company Contact.

zetor parts uk

Social networks.Some of the top-selling tractors in the Czech Republic happen to be Zetor. However, except for individuals in certain Eastern European countries, the Zetor brand is not so well known. That's changing as the company continues to garner attention in other areas around the world. Zetor parts suppliers may be somewhat scarce here in the Ireland or the UK, but there's always the internet, although many offerings there aren't written in English!

John Conaty, on the other hand, is a well-established Zetor tractor parts online supplier with more than items in stock for this Czech tractor brand. You'll find whatever Zetor spare parts you need right here, no matter if it's Zetor brakes, engine parts, electrical components, hydraulics or anything else. Simply click the subcategory listings or use the search box. Choose a sub category:.

Air Conditioning and Cooling System. Bearings and Universal Joints. Body parts and cab accessories. Clutch Components. Computers, Solenoids and Relays. Electrical Components.

zetor parts uk

Engine Components. Exhaust Components. Fuel System Components. Glass and Related Components. Ignition System. Lights and Lamps. Linkage and Lifting.

Pumps, Motors and Valves. Rams, Pipes and Hoses. Rear Axle. Seals and O-Rings. Sensor and Switches.Water pump, oil sump, steering arm. Water pump for Massey Ferguson Now exporting to over 43 countries worldwide, the European manufacturer Zetor started out making tractors in Brno, Czech Republic in After the production of their first tractor, the Z25, ZETOR continued to develop advanced 4-cyclinder diesel engines with fuel injection and factory built cabs.

Due to the low production costs and good reliability, ZETOR tractors became a popular choice throughout the global market where they have a well known brand delivering low cost tractors. Engine Oil Filters. Fuel Filters. Exhaust Weather Caps. Bottom Radiator Hoses. Tractor Silencers. Sediment Filters. Brake Cylinder Seal Kits.

Assorted Washers. Drive Belts. Starter Motors. Tractor Radiator Caps. Rear Lights. Fuel Pumps. Transmission Rubber Boots. Tractor Wiper Blades. Water Pump Assemblies. Bypass Radiator Hoses. Adding items View Order Form Close.

Hit return or click search to show results. Find parts quickly and easily using our exploded catalogue diagrams that enables you to: Search for diagrams by make, model and application Identify where your part goes Match related parts Ensure the part fits your tractor make and model Identify part numbers and add them to your order View all Exploded diagrams.

Zetor Parts Now exporting to over 43 countries worldwide, the European manufacturer Zetor started out making tractors in Brno, Czech Republic in Refine by Model Category. Shipping costs are not available for this item. This item fits one or more Zetor models. Out of Stock. Shipping Costs Inc VAT. View Details.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Looking for Zetor parts? Look no further. TractorJoe has the largest selection of replacement parts for Zetor tractors! Both professional and hobbyist farmers choose Zetor tractors because they are some of the best in the world. This awarding winning company strives to produce tractors that work as hard as you do. Honor this commitment and only purchase the best replacement parts for your Zetor! TractorJoe stocks some of the highest quality parts for Zetor tractors.

We are constantly updating our catalog to assure that all of our parts actually fit their tractors. This saves you time, money and hassle because you will get the right part the first time! Use our simple searching tool to locate the replacements for the exact replacements for Zetor parts you need or browse through our expansive inventory. At TractorJoe our prices are low, our shipping is fast and secure, and our customer service is second to none. Give us a call, e-mail us or chat live via instant text to let us know exactly which Zetor tractor parts you need to replace.

We are here to help! When your Zetor Tractor Parts give up on you, let us help! Whether you need a new alternator, starter, water pump, or other part for your Zetor tractor, trust that TractorJoe will get you a replacement for less. We offer quicker service, great products, and lower prices than what you will find at your Zetor dealer! Information on Zetor Tractor Models.

The first Zetor tractor model was the Model 25, a four stroke, two cylinder diesel powered engine built in It came with independent braking, 2 reverse and 6 forward speeds and a differential lock that was a first among many tractor manufacturers of the time. In the 15 years between andZetor introduced a cheaper version of the Model 25 — the Model 15 that had several modifications from the earlier The most notable difference was the 1 cylinder diesel engine that produced 15hp.

The company also introduced the Model 25 A and the Model 25 K. The 25 K was specifically made for crop farmers as it had a higher ground clearance making it very efficient on flat land. The 25 A was a more comfortable and modern version of the Model Zetor stopped production of the 25 K and 25A tractors in after manufacturing and sellingunits of the popular tractor.

InZetor announced that it would start selling the Zetor Super 35, a tractor with 42hp and a four-cylinder engine. It had a lot more features that included an air compressor no need to leave the field to blow up the tiresa differential lock the legacy from the Model 25suspended front axle and a heated cab as an optional extra that farmers could add on purchase. Zetor also provided the option of the Super P, a tracked tractor that was a souped-up version of the Super Series.

The company soldSuper Series tractors in the years between and making it one of the market leaders in the industry. Zetor first unified range was introduced in The first tractor to be manufactured under the UR1 range was the Zetor It came with an engine that produced rpm and 37hp coupled with a direct injection diesel engine, which was very futuristic for tractors of the time.

Zetor Parts Replacements

Similar to the Model 25 it had two reverse and ten forward speeds two out of the five speeds at the optimum 2. Zetor also introduced other models at this time includingwhich was a toned down version of the Also introduced in the same period were the half-tracked and that were useful in weak soil and snow andwhich was a narrow fully tracked model, and the with a lower center of gravity.

They also produced a 4WD model, the the front wheels only had the High box mode and lastly the narrow orchards models — the and As such, use of a Ridgeway or other aftermarket part on a Zetor tractor under warranty may void any applicable Zetor or Zetor North America warranty. Welcome To. Ridgeway Enterprises is an American based company that supplies tractor parts for farmers, tractor dealers, and individual tractor owners.

All items on our website are in stock unless otherwise specified. Our goal is to provide a huge selection of in-stock parts so you aren't waiting for weeks when the farm is demanding a running tractor! Our customer service is excellent If you need it, and we don't have it, we can get it for you! We have an extensive variety of aftermarket and used parts compatible with your Zetor tractor, including brake parts, clutch parts, engine parts, hydraulic system, and steering parts, and more.

Check in here for some quick answers to frequently asked questions about your tractor parts! We know you're busy. Maybe we can save you a phone call! BoxSummit, AR We are moving! WE will be out of the office and unable to take calls until Monday, Feb 3rd.

You can still order online. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to serving you in our new location.Quick response to the needs of its sales agents and customers. Urgent delivery of orders all over the world within days of ordering.

More than 22, individual original spare parts. Why use original Zetor spare parts? Only an original spare part will assure the long life of your tractor and satisfaction with its performance. The quality of original parts is checked continuously during their manufacture, and is identical to the quality of parts used in assembling new products. Original parts also reflect all design improvements and innovationsmeaning the machine being repaired has the most up-to-date parts and operating capabilities.

Using original parts paysdon't get taken in "special offers". By using non-original spare parts for repairs of ZETOR tractors, you will lose all guarantees for the repair, as well as the machine itself! You will also take all liability for damage caused by using non-original parts. Sales and service network. How you recognize original Zetor spare parts. Sign up for our Zetor newsletter.

Insert zetor. More products Spare parts Front loaders.

Removing Brakes on Zetor 5211-7745

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