Putong bigas using rice flour

Am I the only one who thinks merienda [mehr- yen -dah] is terribly underappreciated? It is a meal often missed like almusalor breakfast on rushed mornings. Merienda is often overlooked. We obsessively prepare for and plan around tanghalian[tang-ha- lee -ahn] or lunch, and hapunan[ha- poo -nahn] or supper but more often than not we forget about the meal in between.

putong bigas using rice flour

Whenever everyone was home either in the weekends or for celebrations, we all gathered around the table and sat together for merienda. Merienda is a light meal taken in the middle of the morning and in the afternoon. It can be as simple as a kakanin like biko cut in squares or suman wrapped in banana leaves, or pan de saljust baked or just toasted, split in the middle and filled with something sweet or savory, often accompanied with coffee.

It can be heartier like a bowl of chicken mami with steamed pork siopao as round as my cheeks when I was little or dinuguan paired with puto picked up that morning from the market. For me, merienda is as important as the other meals of the day. A quick siesta followed by merienda never fails to provide that much needed dose of inspiration in the middle of an otherwise uninspiring day.

It can be a lifesaver. It is a welcome break.

Puto Cheese (Using Rice Flour)

Alas tresor three in the afternoon, everyday meant only one thing: it was time for merienda. Puto [ poo -toh] and dinuguan [dee-noo-goo-ahn] seem like an odd pair. They are good by themselves — puto with grated coconut and dinuguan with steamed rice — but they are even better together. The sweet rice cakes complement the sour pork blood stew delightfully.

The combination is classic Filipino merienda. Puto is steamed rice cake. There are as many variations to puto as there are islands in the Philippines.

One of the more popular kind is putong puti made from galapong, or rice flour. Its name comes from its pristine color — putior white. Traditionally, bigas, or uncooked rice, is soaked in water then ground fine in a gilingan, or grinder, into galapong. The rice batter made of ground rice and water is steamed in molds to make muffin-like rice cakes. This simple recipe conveniently uses readily available rice flour.

Whisk rice flour, baking powder, and sugar together in a bowl. Add water and mix until well combined. Place ramekins or muffin pans in a steamer over medium to high heat. Make sure the water is boiling rapidly. Steam until cakes are firm and cooked, about 15 minutes. Take the cakes out of the steamer and let them cool on the kitchen counter until they can be handled.Puto Calasiao is one of my favourite rice cakes; it reminds me a lot of my childhood as this is one of the things I ask my mom to buy when she goes to the market.

Because of this sweet treat it was easy for her to persuade me into doing the market with her and that persuasion is the reason why I got interested with cooking. Having said that it is very evident when you visit the town as the whole street is packed with vendors selling this sweet treat alongside with other lesser known rice cake types. I guess everyone who had tried buying them either in markets or even in Calasiao find it really easy to finish a dozen or two in a matter of minutes.

Yun po ang gamit habang biniblend pero konti konti lang until it becomes pancake mix like in texture. Are you from the Philippines? I love rice and I never heard of this recipe before. What an interesting way to prepare sweet rice cakes. Another new food to me! Cool dish. The fermenting part looks interesting, too — just a fun dish to try. These look a little like the glutinous rice cakes we had in a sweet soup at a Chinese wedding tea ceremony.

They were yum, worth the wait if they are a similar thing. The fermentation process uses natural yeast from the air. My grandmother or so I heard used to sell puto and she would use the same bowl unwashed each time she makes a batch. Wonderful snacking here!!

A few dozen, this could be a very addictive recipe for someone like me. Once I crave something. Excellent recipe! Very unique!

I would love to try this! It reminds me of a sweet Chinese rice cake, but I had no idea how rice cakes were made, having only bought them. I like the bite-size nuggets of these.I love holidays. It is the time when my sons come home and spend time with me and my husband. In the past, we used to play cards and board games.

putong bigas using rice flour

But this year, we are spending time talking or watching movies. Meals are usually long and a fun time. I try to cook dishes that we all love and enjoy. Today, I made this Puto recipe, a snack that I used to make for my kids when they were young. It is one of those nostalgic snacks that I make once in a while for my family and we always enjoy eating. Some other sweets that I made for my kids when they were growing up include leche flan. Puto is a Filipino steamed cake snack that is served any time of the year.

It is traditionally made from ground rice and can be eaten by itself, with butter or grated coconut.

putong bigas using rice flour

However, this puto recipe is an adapted version, using cake flour instead of ground rice. There are many variations that include different flavorings such as ube purple yam and pandan. It can also be topped with cheese or salted egg.

The main idea is to rest a muffin tin on top of a pan without letting the muffin tin touch the bottom of the pan see photo below. With a lid on the pan, the steam from the boiling water in the pan will cook the puto.

Another common way to steam puto is to use individual moulds and a bamboo or other type of steamer. Which ever method of steaming is used, these little cakes are always delicious! Thank you Liza, I wanted to ask you about a more rice puto than cake based puto. I think you answered it already by using rice flour but is there any other changes that I could make to recipe??

It has been over 30 years that I have the kind of puto that love from old co-workers, light, airy small 2 by 2 inch muffins. Sincerely, Donna. Why is there such a variance in calories with different websites? From 38 calories to calories for a single Puto muffin. Some just have water and sugar added to the flour, while Some recipes have milk, cream, eggs, cheese, butter and salted eggs.

Just wondering how to convert to butter puto. I tried this recipe thrice using cake flour, sad to say,no good, why u think my puto shrink?

It looks like kutsinta on top….


Cheers for the recipe. I tried this recipe twice, first time using 2 tablespoons of baking soda and all I could taste was baking soda.Last Updated on July 14, Special Puto is the common pair for Dinuguanyou can always find both in many native restaurants in the Philippines.

Puto is a steamed fluffy Rice Cake usually eaten as dessert. On this Special Puto Recipe we used All purpose flour instead of the usual Rice flour to save time and to make it easy to prepare. Using rice flour will take 8 hours to soften the rice before you can grind it. Please note that the texture of puto defends on how the batter is blended. For coarser texture, the batter should be mix moderately and for finer texture it should be whisk longer. Note on Banana Leaves: The banana leaves should be passed over an open fire to soften it, so that it will not crack when you fold and place it on the Cupcake molds.

Another method is to dip the banana leaves on a boiling water until it softens. If the banana leaves if not available you can replace it with waxed paper. Ready to serve Special Puto Recipe.

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Share 6K. Tweet Pin 2K. Yum 7. Hi Gemma, Joe Lapid is my employee, he is my social media specialist. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Filipino Puto is a steamed rice cake that traditionally can be eaten with fresh grated coconut or butter. It is commonly served during parties, festivals and sometimes eaten for breakfast. Put the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl and mix all ingredients together.

Put the mixture into a mold and into a steamer for about 20 minutes without opening the steamer. After 3 minutes you can remove the Puto from the molds and let it cool down.

I tried your puto and it was a disaster. So i added some more water and. Thanks Cha for your post! I will try to make a video soon and post it on the weblog and youtube. The taste was stupendous. But the texture was not firm but similar to jiffy cornbread. I asked a few friends to try it. We all agreedit was missing something. The texture was not springy or spongy. Like I remember. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Special Puto Recipe

Learn how your comment data is processed. Stay In Touch. Desserts Are you craving for something delicious? Snacks craving for a snack? Ingredients needed to cook Filipino Puto Recipe: two cups flour or rice flour two tablespoons of baking powder one egg beaten half cup evaporated milk three tablespoons of butter or softened margarine one cup granulated sugar one and a half cup of water Cooking procedure for Filipino Puto Recipe: Put the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl and mix all ingredients together.

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Putong Bigas - KitcheNet Ph

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Sharing Buttons by Linksku.Putong Bigas is very easy to make. Anyone can easily make it! All you need is a blender or gilingan, bigas, gata, baking powder and sugar. Just follow the step by step instructions below. And you can cook it anytime you want. For most are successful and some who tried the recipe said it became like limp kutchinta.

Any puto can become kutchinta like texture and limp for many reason. One possible cause is the way you mix the mixture, if you overmix the batter the small air between the batter vanishes. Thus making it limp. Any puto expert have experienced the kutchinta texture puto, but once you master the perfect batter texture you will know next time what to do.

Never over beat. Keep on trying if you fail and learn from your mistakes. Wash rice first at least once. Leave and soak it overnight 5 hours at room temperature. In the morning, pour the bowl of soaked rice with its water in blender. Start grinding it to form a thick galapong batter or until smooth and no traces of rice bits. Once done, pour it back into your mixing bowl.

These bubbles will make your puto fluffy when steamed.

putong bigas using rice flour

Remember that banana leaves is essential because it adds a classic flavor to your rice puto. It is what makes rice puto smell so delicious when cooked. If you will be using banana leaves, heat it first to wilt it and place in the molder. I wilt it using the stove, heat it for just a few seconds on top of the stove. Place it in steamer, cover it with clean cloth or katsa to avoid water drippings on your puto batter.

And place pot cover. Steam for 30 minutes or until cooked. Insert a toothpick at the center, if it comes out clean, the puto is ready. Homemade Kwek Kwek. Did you try cooking this recipe? Send us your food photo. If we love it, we will feature it with your name on our website. Send it to us via email: mammasguide gmail. Thanks a lot for supporting our website and help other friends discover great recipes.After making a recipe for Rice Puto in Banana LeavesI had received a lot of inquiries about using Rice Flour instead of using rice and grind it.

Baking Powder 1 tsp. In a bowl, combine in the rice flour, milk and water. Mix everything properly. Cover with a cling wrap and refrigerate overnight. On the batter mixture, add in the baking powder, sugar and vanilla.

Mix until properly incorporated. Using a strainer, strain the mixture, transferring to a different container, removing any lumps. Unlike using rice, soaking it overnight and grind it, the one where I used rice flour is not that fluffy and the texture is different. But still, it tastes like puto cheese. Your email address will not be published. Be nice!

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