Nissan navara chassis problems

I have Stx navara ,in whivh I bought from nissan. Well I'm not impressed with the results. Use it 4 times per week as a run-around-ute. It is not designed to be a luxury vehicle but a genuine no-nonsense do anything, go anywhere, reliable, blokes ute. Big tip, after kget it serviced every 5k, mine now has k still going strong.

Took it around Oz 6 months ago, no worries. Fuel consumption can get a bit much Had a catch-can fitted recently, has dropped av fuel consumption back to Have bullbar, snorkel, rear camera, buckets, alloy tray with slide-on camper. Have looked at trading in but will keep for a bit longer and give to a grandchild.

Too good to trade and most newies are too technical. Car drives fine upgraded the suspension to pedders suspension. Due to Front Bull bar nosediving x2 warranty claims on read end seal covered.

Due to safety precautions I don't get how new cars with 40 ks have leaking issues They seem to not make cars as they use too. Drives well on road and off road. Fuel no where near what they advertise though is not good advertising information when is not possible. Ok, so I bought a model nav and I can't believe how good it is for the price. It's the 7 speed auto. I get 6. Please note I'm granny driving around.Has anyone had any issues with Nissan Navara Chassis rust?

Got a Nissan Navara in stock it has a whole in the nsr chassis rail, visible when you look in the wheel arch.

nissan navara chassis problems

Heard it is a common problem, will Nissan do anything about it or do i take a hit on it? Rotten tubs are a massive problem on these, i had one where the fuel flap inside had all rusted so badly that the hinge wouldn't stay on. Ended up welding it and getting it gone as soon as possible. A brave man buys these! Nissan dealers used to offer to buy even old Navaras with the chassis rust, then scrap them.

I don't know if they still do. You can book it in your local dealership for a free check and wait to hear what they'll offer. I had one with rust in that area a couple of years ago. I just buy a big section of plate and cut the pieces out. I've done enough Land Rovers that way, but I'll only weld them up if it's localised section, if the rest of Chassis isn't far behind the fooked bit then I don't wanna know.

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Upload or insert images from URL. General Dealer Chat Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted July 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted July 17, edited.Nissan is recalling 40, out of as many as 90, 4x4 models it sold in the time period of its Navara D40 series, manufactured in Spain between July and Januaryfor an inspection. A redesigned Nissan replacement towbar with additional mounting points and welded repairs to any chassis cracks - some as wide as 2.

The company said the problem relates to faulty towbar designs specific to the Spanish-built D40 ST-X and RX model Navara and while 40, vehicles were being recalled for inspection under this campaign, around were fitted with the affected Nissan genuine towbars. The Pathfinder SUV - also built on a ladder-frame chassis and rated to a braked towing capacity of three tonnes - was not impacted by the recall, according to Nissan.

Spokesman Peter Fadeyev said the attachment points on the Navara's genuine towbars could cause excessive stress upon the chassis frame rails over time. Mr Fadeyev said the vehicle's towing capacity was not being altered. The company has agreed to inspect customer vehicles fitted with a non-genuine towbar at no charge to the customer, but any chassis repair or replacement to a new revised-design genuine Nissan towbar will be at cost to the customer, Mr Fadeyev said.

The company said the inspection takes under 20 minutes to complete or the worst-case-scenario of inspection, repair and towbar replacement would be completed in under two hours. Navara owners looking for more information are being asked to contact their local Nissan dealer or call the Nissan Customer Assistance Centre on Nissan said it began recall proceedings following legislated procedures earlier this month, but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's ACCC product recalls website as yet has no mention of the safety campaign.

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New Nissan X-Trail exposed! Mazda CX Home Car News. Spanish-built 4WD Navaras built between are included in the recall. Stuart Martin. Stay up to date with the cars guide weekly newsletter. Related content.

Nissan Navara β€˜snapped chassis’ issue – all you need to know

Nissan Navara cars for sale.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login. Series II Navara update brings stiffer springs and dampers to quell lacklustre coil-sprung rear-end. The changes involve the fitment of stiffer rear springs, new shock absorbers front and rear, and new rear rebound dampers, all aimed at better controlling the tail, especially when laden.

The coil spring rear-end β€” unique in the dual-cab ute class β€” has been controversial since it was introduced on this latest generation Navara, known as NP While it brings some benefits when unladen, it has been criticised for struggling to cope with anything approaching its claimed payload, which is north of kg. Yet it's not just the suspension that Nissan is tweaking with the quick-to-market Series II update of a car that has only been on the market for a year.

The NP badging is being dropped, with Nissan instead focusing on the main Navara badging, something that could simplify the dealership sales pitch. Nissan has also taken the opportunity to revise the dual-cab range and introduce a new mid-grade SL with 4WD. Within existing model grades there are also changes to the Navara.

nissan navara chassis problems

The RX gets the vinyl flooring of the DX base model, for example. The ST will soon get sat-nav standard, while the sunroof that was previously standard on the ST-L has been relegated to the options list.

nissan navara chassis problems

The shading strip interpreted in the top of the windscreen will only block out a small area on either side of the rear vision mirror.

Even the chrome finish on the smart-key button of the ST-L's front door handle has been replaced with a rubber finish. And the pop-out rear cup-holders have been dropped. Only a few years ago the Navara ran second in the ute sales race to the dominant Toyota Hilux.

However, even with the arrival of an all-new model, sales have struggled for the Nissan ute. For the first nine months of the Navara has sold less than half the number of Hiluxes and Rangers and now trails the Triton and Colorado. Nissan adds more refinement to Navara dual-cab range. By Daniel Wong 19 Mar Dual-cab variants get improved refinement with mid-range ST copping black exterior trim. By Toby Hagon 26 Feb We visit the Melbourne production line where Premcar builds the Navara Warrior.

Nissan updates its brawny Navara AT By Tristan Tancredi 29 Jan Nissan bumps up the price of its Navara 4x4. By Tristan Tancredi 11 Dec Powered by. My Garage 0 Compare Cars. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages Ok. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login Ok. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login Ok.

Facebook Twitter Google Plus Mail.When discussing the Nissan Navara and the possible issues it may have in stall for you, it is important to present them on a platform suitable for that purpose. To add to this, we at no means intend to instill fear in you when sharing these experiences.

This article is purely informative; it is our wish that it may enable you to identify possible issues beforehand.

Prevention, at the end of the day, is far better than cure. It is also important to keep in mind that owner behaviour maintenance or the lack thereof, and your style of driving and the roads on which you daily drive, may differently affect the behaviour of two similar vehicles, as will become evident during the discussions that will follow.

Let us model that platform by sharing a little bit of Navara background. The 2. Even though the Nissan Navara is mostly considered to be a tried and tested vehicle, it seems as if owners of Navara bakkies fitted with the YD25DDTi diesel engines especially the ones in the D22 and D40 generations experience the bulk of issues.

It is easy to say that something is so and so, it is easy to badmouth something or someone, so let us not take that allegation on face value, but let us rather verify or dispel it by directing our attention to what others say about this vehicle and in particular, this engine type. Our journey will start with the Australian Car Reviewwho presented the numerous recalls of Nissan Navara D40 bakkies between the periods and These recalls happens whenever the potential of injury caused by a manufacturing fault or defect, is detected.

Every recall affected vehicles between a certain sequence of vehicle identification numbers VIN ; the numbers affected for each recall will not be mentioned here; feel free to visit the Australian Car Review site mentioned in the list of sources for this purpose.

We will now look at these recalls, but before we do that, please do keep in mind that some of these recalls are more than a decade old, so the point of this exercise is purely to substantiate the premise made that the D40 generation Navara is a vehicle with many issues.

After having gone through the recalls, we will divert our attention to common issues as experienced by owners themselves.

Here then are the list of recalls made sinceso get comfortable because this may be a lengthy exercise. There were problems with the fitment of the lower steering shaft. The shaft can become detached and this will result in a loss of steering control.

The rear wheel bearings may experience excessive wear and this may lead to noise from the rear axle. If this is ignored, the bearings could fail and cause the shaft assembly to become detached from the axle. This may cause serious damage and injury. The relay box bracket, intended for vehicles with ABS specification, was also assembled in vehicles without ABS; interference between this bracket and the rear brake pipe in the engine compartment may affect braking performance.

Vibrations may cause the hood striker loop to separate from the hood and damage the hood latch assembly. If the hood is not securely latched, it could unexpectedly open while driving. Imagine the havoc it may create. Nissan Navara vehicles sold prior to Junehad ignition relay problems. The relay contacts within the power distribution module shown the tendency to become contaminated with a build-up of silicon dioxide; this could cause poor conduction at the relay contacts and result in the engine stalling and failing to restart.

It was found that the attachment points on the towbar β€” over time β€” could exert excessive stress upon the chassis frame rails. This may cause cracks at the end of the rails, or in extreme cases, bend sections of the chassis rails around the towbar attachment points.

The seatbelts on the left and right sides may have been swapped, so in the event of a collision, this could affect restraint performance and present a serious risk of injury to the occupants.No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Nissan Navara reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

My Nissan Navara randomly goes into "limp" mode, sometimes pumping the accelerator works and other times it does nothing. It has a new fuel filter, a slight leak in the exhaust near firewall, Read more. Where is the device for opening the bonnet on the Nissan Navara? I have a Nissan Navara and, since the July upgrade, the infotainment system has had a mind of its own, it totally blacks out and won't maintain Bluetooth connection and the navigation has no My Nissan Navara ute starts then stops after a few seconds and when tried again it won't start and flattens battery, when jump-started a few minutes later it starts ok, this happened recently What makes a Nissan Navara D40 diesel auto suddenly lose all power then regain full power once or twice in a few hundred km.

Nissan D22 Navara Review

While wiring new spot lights in my Nissan Navara I had to disconnect the computer plugs to run wires through the fire wall and ever since then my ute will randomly shut off seconds after Is it possible to replace the GPS and entertainment unit in the Nissan Navara with something else from a different make? From what I have read there appears to be a large amount of displeasure I recently had the clutch master and slave cylinder replaced.

How can I fix it? They are unable to contact the other owner to swap back.

nissan navara chassis problems

I have a Nissan Navara and the service book I now have is for a I have had my Nissan Navara D40 since new, and the roof has rusted so badly it's now leaking water. I have approached Nissan as it's rusting under their badly designed sealant in the roof I'm planning to buy a 4WD ute for weekend camping trips and going to the beach. Is there a reason it's the cheapest 4WD ute in the The servicing requirements under the warranty What needs to be done before I start it up?

Pickups Nissan Navara break in half

My year-old son wants to buy a work vehicle. He is looking at the Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara, no more than about six years old. Could you advise which you think is best in terms of safety, My mechanic says it is something to do with the intercooler.

Is this a common problem, will it only get worse, and what can be done toIt appears that if rust gets to the chassis rails of the Narava pickup, they can corrode badly enough that the vehicle essentially snaps in half as if something has broken its back.

This sounds alarming β€” and it looks it too; there are plenty of example pictures available on the internet. So there definitely is a potential problem. Some reports seem to be suggesting that Nissan is ignoring the complaint. The problem relates not to the current Nissan NP Navarawhich went on sale inbut the previous Nissan Navara model that was built between and pictured above.

Those built between and seem to be of particular concern. This Navara is closely related to the Nissan Pathfinder SUV of the same age, so owners of that vehicle may also wish to seek a professional opinion on the condition of their chassis. In areas of high stress β€” particularly where the cab meets the loadbed, for example, and the front mounting point of the rear suspension β€” this can result in a complete failure of that structure.

The amount of load the pickup carries will also have an impact, as will how often it is fully loaded. There are reports of the chassis snapping while towing as well. The ultimate outcome for an affected Navara chassis is that it will snap. But before it gets to that stage the vehicle can be inspected for signs of corrosion rust in the chassis rails.

We recommend that such inspection is undertaken by professionals who know what they are doing β€” do not risk injury to yourself if you do not. No doubt your local Nissan dealership will be able to assist you see the section on what Nissan is doing below. However, you may still wish to seek independent specialist advice.

Nissan is backing customers even though the affected vehicles are up to 12 years old. Heavy corrosion is exactly the kind of thing an MOT test is supposed to pick up no pun intended.

According to The Sunlaw firm Attwood Solicitors β€” which is hoping to represent owners in a lawsuit against Nissan β€” believes up 35, Navaras in the UK may be affected. Inthere was an official recall concerning structural failures in the Nissan Navara β€” but only in Australia, and only in relation to a specific accessory, namely a particular type of tow hook.

Nissan UK is adamant that this Australian problem is completely unrelated to the issue being experienced by owners here. More recent D40 Navaras potentially could be, but there is no indication that the latest NP model November onwards has similar concerns.

Nissan recalls 40000 Navara D40 4WDs

This will be a relief to Mercedes-Benz, which is about to launch its X-Class pickup on a highly modified version of the Navara platform. However, there do seem to be more reports of problems with corrosion in the Nissan Navara in this regard than any other model. Home Advice Vans and pickups Nissan Navara snapped chassis. National newspapers tackle pickup safety question Nissan says there is no reason for an official recall Advice and guidance on the Navara chassis problem.

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