Nad m10 vs naim uniti atom

I found it very accomplished, lots of oomph too, but it didnt have the fun Naim sound that I have become accustomed to. I think its fair to say that, like any other manufacturing nation, there will be good as well as not so good manufacturers and that craft and high standards of workmanship may be present in any global area? Whilst China may excel in high volume manufacturing there is no reason to expect that high quality manufacturing cannot be assured too if the right factory is chosen….

That is the most ridiculous statement I have heard. You do know that the Musos are made in china. All Apples products are made in china are they inferior yet you a buy them up at their over priced cost. Interested in hearing it, Dirac live is a big interest to me as room correction in Roon has sabre commands list the biggest impact in my system due to my Room. So having the option to have this for all my sources is very inticing.

I had a demo of one at a branch of SSAV a couple of months ago. Lots of detail and air but no oomph. I kept waiting for that familiar kick-drum punch in the ribs, but it never appeared.

Audiophile Simplicity! NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier Review & Setup

My experience exactly. Same shelf, same distance speaker to speaker, same song, same unit age and use. I stood in front of M10 and then moved right to Atom and difference was like trim milk vs whipped cream. Tried it few times before deciding to sit down and have a proper listen with Atom. I have no doubt that M10 interface and app are better, but this is about sound for me and Atom sound was so much more it was an easy decision for me.

This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Roog June 28,pm The M10 is made by China, so I think the hardware make quality is not good.

CrystalGipsy June 28,pm Wayne July 5,am Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by LebowskiOct 9, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: USA. Did a search and came up blank on the M I heard one not too long ago, playing through some PSB bookshelf speakers.

It sounded pretty nice. And it looked really cool, with that big touchscreen displaying album art. A similar amp that comes to mind is the Naim Uniti Atom. Similar idea, possibly even nicer looking with that huge volume knob sliced out of the top.

Is it the form factor? Do we need big heavy boxes that run hot enough to fry an egg? Do we dislike the integration of two components streamer and amp into one? LebowskiOct 9, I owned the Atom and loved the industrial design, ease of use, access to internet radio stations, and sound quality from the DAC.

But I went to an all-DIY system and sold it. JMACOct 9, Location: New York. People been waiting 8 years for their Atmos cards for the last multichannel pre-amp. SquishySoundsOct 9, Location: Toronto. AgitaterOct 9, Eurofands58 and Lebowski like this. Location: Boston MetroWest. Location: Boston, MA. All of these all-in-ones make serious compromises that I think would bug you down the line especially re: power supply and typically using Class D implementations, which typically sound like garbage.

Combining all these features into slim form factors also increases the amount of noise in the case. Lebowski likes this.

NAD Masters Series M10 stereo system review

Location: Midwest USA. They are all native Roon endpoints, so using them with that service is easy-peasy. The sound quality is superb. The house sound for Naim is fantastic and any product from their line will be very musical.

Last edited: Oct 9, Josquin des PrezOct 9, JMAC likes this. Location: Boston. It sounds fantastic paired with Dynaudio X12 bookshelf speakers on stands and is a little system I could listen to forever.

Naim Uniti Atom All-In-One Audio System | Review

The Atom is a small step up in quality, plus is a Roon endpoint. These Naim one-box solutions sound really good! BartOct 9, Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register.

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nad m10 vs naim uniti atom

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter nl88 Start date Mar 9, Tags atom cs lyngdorf m10 nad naim naim uniti naim uniti atom tdai uniti. Naim on the other hand has the advantage of Class AB amp. At the same time have read so much about Lyngdorf RoomPerfect vs Dirac as well. All of them have pre-outs should I need more power in future.

Go with RoomPerfect - the difference it makes is certainly worth it. The room is one of the biggest influences on the sound you hear and taming that brings a clarity that makes the cost worth it. The entry model offers Audio The power of DSP strikes again. If we interview them, you might understand what they are talking about.

DT79 Well-known Member. Will go ahead with the ! Hopefully its gna sound significantly better than my Powernode 2! Paulx Distinguished Member. I am in the same boat. The BMRs are 3-way bookshelf speaker; 6ohm, 85 db sensitivity. Looking to add room correction. Last edited: Monday at PM. The speaker designer is skeptical as well. There are a few ways you can try to an establish how you room is changing the sound of your speakers and your music.

The simplest way I know of is to listen to a repetitive piece of music for say 10 seconds and then to swap back and forth listening with a pair of professional headphones. They sound tonally almost identical to the phones when RoomPerfect is turned on.A likeable all-in-one streamer with plenty of features, but it falls just short of matching the best in class for sound. It takes some bravery to look at a three-time What Hi-Fi? It is part of the BluOS ecosystem, so can produce products with streaming and multi-room baked into their core.

A rival to the Uniti Atom that might just have the chops to emerge victorious…. Still, you will rarely need to touch the device, and from across the room, the clear screen looks smart.

Given that the Masters M10 can be operated without touching the device itself, you might assume that it comes with a smart remote. For some, that could be off-putting, but the NAD Masters M10 is part of the BluOS ecosystem and so boasts a better, more widely supported and more reliable app than most. AirPlay 2 integration means that the M10 also appears as a destination device in the iOS apps of streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz Spotify Connect is also on board.

If you still want a traditional remote control, you can teach the unit to respond to specific commands sent by a universal remote. Roon is also supported, as are a number of smart home standards, and you can access music stored on computers and NAS devices on your own network. Once you get the M10 home, simply connect a pair of speakers to start listening, although you can also use the integrated Dirac room equalisation software and bundled microphone to calibrate the sonic performance to your room.

Our only disappointments on the connections front are that the single USB socket is on the rear a more accessible one on the front or side might be nice and the lack of a headphone socket. NAD addresses the latter with two-way aptX HD Bluetooth you can send music from the NAD to your Bluetooth headphones as well as send music to it from your portable devicebut those with a cherished pair of wired headphones will be disappointed.

NAD conservatively rates power at W, but claims that dynamic power can reach W into 8 ohms or W into 4 ohms. In other words, there should be lots of headroom for epic dynamic shifts. It works well in terms of tone, with no part of the frequency range sticking out or drowning out another. The threatening bass is lusciously deep and dramatic, the high hat-like synth is nicely controlled.

Vocals emerge clearly even when the soundstage gets busy. The NAD sounds pleasant, likeable and fluid, but the Naim simply tightens everything up. Switching to The First Big Weekend by Arab Strap, the NAD proves to be a detailed performer, digging up the creak of the seat right at the start of the track and every intake of breath in the spoken vocal. When the high-hat is added and the tempo increases, the NAD struggles a touch to keep up.

Though the vocal is still fairly clear and focused, the NAD becomes a bit muddled again, losing track of the individual strands in play. Listened to in isolation, it is hard to fault — especially considering the all-in-one nature of the device.

But again, the Naim takes things further by revelling in the low-level dynamics in the vocals and gentle instrumental accompaniment. Features-wise, the NAD Masters M10 is pretty much on the money, with an excellent streaming platform and all the connections required to neatly perform the role of both hi-fi and TV sound system.

It sounds good; tonally balanced, clear, clean, weighty and smooth. Best music streamers Read our Naim Uniti Atom review. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Home Reviews. Our Verdict A likeable all-in-one streamer with plenty of features, but it falls just short of matching the best in class for sound.

NAD Masters M10 review

For Detailed, fluid sound Lovely screen Strong feature set.Audiophile purist snobbery perhaps? Maybe my issues hearken back to my youth, when brick and mortar department stores like Montgomery Ward or J.

Penney remember those? You may recall these things: a built-in tape deck, turntable, tuner, volume control with tone controls, no less and an amplifier, all packed into one box. If it was your lucky day, they might have even thrown in a pair of useless speakers. I bought one of these for my then-girlfriend later wife… to take with her to college. Convenient for setting the dorm room mood, but otherwise not much to look at or listen to. But have no fear, my audiophile friends! Things have gotten exponentially better in recent times.

Compact and well built, the Sprout has killer functionality, great build quality, a good amp section, and all at a more than fair asking price. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing it, and I bought the review sample for my son, who is now out on his own. My older daughter has the previous generation Sprout as well. But what about us older Gen-X folks who maybe want the same level of integrated convenience in an even more versatile and refined box?

Naim is one of the Grande Dame companies of English audio kit, and is especially known for its amplification products. You can still buy one today in its most recent iteration.

Naim products are known for bullet-proof build quality, excellent sonics, reliability, and good value. I can assure you that you get all of these attributes, and more, when you get your mitts on the Uniti Atom.

Now in its 5SI configuration, the Nait has been with us since That the Uniti Atom is a chip off the old block is therefore great news, even if the Atom only provides 40 watts per side. You get a really good Burr Brown-based DAC section, a preamp, and an amplifier, as well as a comprehensive software interface that lets the Uniti Atom work as a full-fledged music streamer and server.

It can interface to an external computer and hard drive, pull files down from the cloud, and stream tunes from services such as Tidal and Spotify.

So the value is there. I know plenty of audio nuts who would poo-poo the Uniti Atom but think nothing of dropping a similar amount on a separate DAC, preamp, or amp. The Uniti Atom is the logical solution for everyone else.

Naim Uniti Atom review

The full list of capabilities is just a few mouse clicks away. What I will do is tell you what role it has played in my personal enjoyment over the last couple of months. First off, the Uniti Atom never made it into one of my upstairs evaluation rigs. I set it up in my living room, attached a pair of speakers, and that was it. The user interface was super accessible and intuitive. Certain operations can also be accessed from buttons on the front panel of the Uniti Atom, but why bother?In the Toronto home I share with my infinitely better half, the hi-fi lives in the living room.

Of course, I want it to sound great -- and it does -- but it also has to look as if it belongs. A full-size amplifier and connected sources were out of the question. If we were moving in today, we might have done things differently.

It houses a network streamer, DAC, and powerful Wpc amplifier in one super-stylish package. So would my design-conscious wife.

Nor would we be settling sonically, because spoiler alert the M10 sounds fantastic. An M10 could be part of a whole-house audio system that included a Bluesound Pulse Soundbar 2i in the TV room, a Pulse Mini 2i tabletop speaker in the home office, and a battery-powered Pulse Flex 2i on the patio. Of course, the M10 can also be used solo, as the center of a standalone music system. In addition to premium speaker terminals that accept spade lugs and banana plugs, the M10 has a set of preamp and two subwoofer outputs.

When you use a sub, the BluOS app lets you choose any crossover frequency between 40 and Hz. This implements a low-pass filter for the sub outputs, but the M10 still sends full-range audio to the main speakers. Sources connected to any of these inputs can be played through other BluOS devices in your home simply by grouping them with the M As to luxury, a quick look at the front, top, and sides will tell you everything you need to know: this compact amplifier oozes class and quality.

Weighing 11 pounds and measuring 8. I found this status indicator a bit too bright during regular use and in standby mode, but you can dim it or turn it off altogether in the Player Setting menu in the BluOS app.

When streaming from BluOS, the touchscreen shows album art on the left, and track, album, and artist names on the right. When playing from hardwired sources, the touchscreen shows a pair of peak-reading VU meters. When you tap the screen, it goes into Control Panel mode. At left will be controls that let you pause or skip tracks, and at right a rotary volume control.

Tapping the three-line menu icon in the upper left of the screen brings up a menu that lets you switch sources, choose presets, and configure settings for the M Tapping the small icon in the upper right displays the current play queue, allowing you to jump to any track you wish. Menus are well organized, and all options are commendably clear. Similarly, the downloadable manual is a model of clarity. For musical transients, the M10 can deliver peaks of Wpc into 8 ohms, or Wpc into 4 ohms.

All I had to do was select my home network and enter the password, after which BluOS connected the M10 to my network. BluOS supports more than 20 streaming services, including Qobuz and Tidal, both of which offer hi-rez content.

Over the past several months, Lenbrook has made some major enhancements to BluOS and its Bluesound line. All of these features are offered in the NAD MWe doubt very much Naim will be overly disgruntled when we say this about its previous line of all-in-one streaming systems - the Uniti Qute 2for example.

But that's only because when we sit one next to the Uniti Atom, it looks more than one generation behind. It is truly a triumph of design. From the coffee-coaster volume dial on the roof — the pleasure of playing with it, as we found with the Naim Mu-So, is almost enough in itself to justify buying this system — to its full-colour LCD front panel display exhibiting album art as it plays, Naim has nailed the crossover between lifestyle product and premium hi-fi.

You may see the Uniti Atom being described as a streamer, but to do so is to do it something of a disservice. Naim says this presents a number of technical difficulties in terms of production and integration, especially in so small a unit, but its efforts are evident in the musical performance liberated.

Naim claims 40 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Dubbed the Power-Line Lite, it has floating pins aimed at ensuring a better connection, while its decoupled mechanical design is intended to stop harmful vibrations travelling from one component to the next. After that there's speaker terminals, with Ethernet connection and USB input next along the line. MORE: Best music streamers.

What happens next depends on your budget. Naim says this HDMI input is galvanically isolated to ensure no noise from the TV power supply or anything connected to it is passed through to the Uniti Atom. To the right-hand side now, and Naim has placed its digital inputs above two analogue connections — one is an input, with three selectable sensitivities 1v, 2.

nad m10 vs naim uniti atom

With so much choice on offer, it makes sense Naim also gives options when it comes to controlling the thing as well.

Firstly, in the box comes its redesigned remote control. It's marginally larger than the last generation of Naim products came with, and it's also unarguably flashier. MORE: Best music streaming services. You can configure the Uniti Atom as part of a multi-room system using the app, too.

nad m10 vs naim uniti atom

Plug a turntable into the analogue input using a suitable phono stage, of course and have the same record playing in up to five rooms through the house. The new colour screen, around twice the size of that of its predecessors, only serves to make the menus easier to navigate. So you get to the point of playing your music faster.

The most immediately noticeable upgrade from the UnitiQute 2 is the level of clarity and insight. The former is still an exceptional product that's found a home on our personal hi-fi racks since we reviewed it two years ago - but the Atom is like opening a door and now listening to the music from inside the room. And to say it sounds lean does not mean the Uniti Atom is lacking weight. Return to Blinded By The Lights and that steady kick- and snare rhythm is so precise you could set your watch by it.

It's juxtaposed by but simultaneously entwined with those off-kilter tremolo synth chops. The Naim is entirely unfazed by the scale of the recording, the speed or intensity at which the pianist's fingers are working, or with organising an orchestra around him. The only method of input we could say shows any true difference in character is the analogue input — the level of clarity is marginally less sharp, and it offers up a generally warmer overall performance.

This is fundamentally a product built to a digital blueprint, but those who covet what we might describe as a more traditional analogue sound from this type of component shouldn't be alarmed.

See all our Naim reviews. What Hi-Fi?

nad m10 vs naim uniti atom

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. For Class-leading clarity and insight Lovely precise timing and impressive dynamic range Looks as impressive as it sounds. Against Really nothing noteworthy.

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