Joy2key switch pro

Gamepads can be a bit of a hassle to get working in Linux. Not because they are poorly supported, but simply because you need to determine which modules to load to get your gamepad working, and it's not always very obvious! This article or section needs expansion. Linux has two different input systems for Joysticks — the original Joystick interface and the newer evdev-based interface.

Most new games will default to the evdev interface as it gives more detailed information about the buttons and axes available and also adds support for force feedback. This can help many games such as X3. SDL2 supports only the new evdev interface. For an extensive overview of all joystick related modules in Linux, you will need access to the Linux kernel sources -- specifically the Documentation section.

Unfortunately, pacman kernel packages do not include what we need.

Joytokey Button Mapping

You can browse the kernel source tree at kernel. Here's a link to the documentation from the latest kernel. Some joysticks need specific modules, such as the Microsoft Sidewinder controllers sidewinderor the Logitech digital controllers adi. Many older joysticks will work with the simple analog module.

If your joystick is plugging in to a gameport provided by your soundcard, you will need your soundcard drivers loaded - however, some cards, like the Soundblaster Live, have a specific gameport driver emu10k1-gp.

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Older ISA soundcards may need the ns module, which is a standard gameport module. As you can see, there are many different modules related to getting your joystick working in Linux, so I couldn't possibly cover everything here. Please have a look at the documentation mentioned above for details. You need to load a module for your gameport nsemu10k1-gpcsxetc The gameport module should load automatically, as this is a dependency of the other modules.

You need to get USB working, and then modprobe your joystick driver, which is usbhidas well as joydev. If you use a usb mouse or keyboard, usbhid will be loaded already and you just have to load the joydev module. You can simply cat those devices to see if the joystick works - move the stick around, press all the buttons - you should see mojibake printed when you move the sticks or press buttons.

Both interfaces are also supported in wine and reported as separate devices. You can test them including vibration feedback with wine control joy. There are a lot of applications that can test this old API, jstest from the joyutils package is the simplest one. If the output is unreadable because the line printed is too long you can also use graphical tools.Joytokey Button Mapping. The value directly following that is something really low like 14 or something.

I have all of the buttons labeled in this vid. Spore Keyboard Controls. In the Controller Settings, open the Buttons tab. To assign mouse movement, go to the mouse tab. Its free, and the stick inputs are much smoother than that of xpadder. JoyToKey is a program that allows using a Joystick or Gamepad in those programs that do not support such devices. If you just map the in-game functions to key presses there is no need for vJoy.

There are multiple sections below covering multiple topics, so skim as needed! Button Alias Mapping function - Combine multiple definitions e. In my case, I used a third-party app. Remember that you have to first set up the keyboards to something doesn't really matter then you pick the buttons in Xpadder for your controller and assign the button to something that correspond to a hotkey in the game. Hollow Knight contains remappable controls for both the Keyboard and an Xbox or Dualshock 4 Controller.

Map keyboard and mouse actions to your favorite gamepad or joystick without too much hassle using this simple and straightforward tool What's new in antimicro 2.

JoyToKey is a free gaming utility that allows the user to map gamepad or controller inputs buttons, analog sticks to PC keyboard and mouse input such as the WASD keys. The game suggests joytokey. If your device is listed then right click on the device icon. It's actually simple: Press the button you want to hotkey and assign to it a keyboard key or a combination. But, you can always pair it directly using the Bluetooth 'add.

The simplest way, of course, is going to be to turn of ANALOG mode like imgdat said, so that the controller just sends them as X and Y, but if you want to experiment further with it or if that doesn't work; some adapters, especially the ones meant for rhythm games, always map the D-Pad as buttons regardless of modego into Windows' Game. When I configure my key mapping and test it e. In Gamepad Controls, unmap the Attack and Block buttons. I also included ExitCombination.

Then I turn on analog sticks and suddenly directional buttons are working ok whenever analog is turned on. View attachment View attachment I should mention, of course, that one would need to download JoyToKey before downloading my profile for it.

Same button feel as the original Xbox One controller with solid metal paddles on the back. Hi Butters Thanks for the reply.

joy2key switch pro

I do have a work around. You can map your joystick input to simulate Keyboard and Mouse. Initially, a wizard will ask you to click the buttons on your controller in order to bind them. Other workaround: Better headsets help against the breathing problem.We all know that to control a computer, a mouse and a keyboard are needed. However, you can use other devices to send the same input and one of them is the joystick.

Thus, instead of using it for gaming purposes only, this hardware device can be turned into a PC controller with the help of a dedicated software. Such a program is JoyToKey, a lightweight application especially designed to emulate keystrokes and mouse clicks using the joystick.

The utility doesn't require installation but, instead, it requires that a supported device is connected, otherwise it will not load. The great news is that JoyToKey is built to support up to 16 joysticks, though it's highly improbable that one should need that many controllers. This application enables you to create several configuration files and load the one you need in no time. To do so, you can simply press the button you assigned for the 'Switch to the other configuration file' feature.

The configuration includes 32 buttons, 6 axes and 2 Point of View POV switches for each of the joysticks. Insofar as the mouse emulation is concerned, JoyToKey can handle both buttons and wheel. More so, it has a function for adjusting mouse movements as well as wheel rotation, making them faster or slower, as you need.

All in all, it appears that this software is pretty well equipped and ready to offer an interesting experience to anyone interested in turning their joystick s into a PC controlling device.

With JoyToKey you should be able to easily get along with applications that are not even designed to accept input from a joystick, including Office apps and many more. A feature-packed keyboard emulator that enables users to rely on their joysticks for controlling other software solutions and even games. What's new in JoyToKey 6. JoyToKey was reviewed by Olivian Puha.

Load comments. JoyToKey 6. All rights reserved.JoyToKey or Joy2Key enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! JoyToKey is a shareware, but you can download the latest version for free.

Starting from version 6. In case you upgrade JoyToKey from the version older than 6. In case of issues or questions, please refer to this post for more details. Version 6.

Besides, the following changes have been included in recent releases : JoyToKey is packaged and distributed with an installer Distribution of ZIP file format is still available User configuration data is by default stored in "JoyToKey" folder in user's "Documents" folder. In case you upgrade JoyToKey from an older version, please copy or move the old "JoyToKey" folder into your "Documents" folder so that you can continue to access your configuration data.

How to use the Nintendo Switch's Pro Controller with your PC

In case you're having a compatibility issue with some online game, the following two versions can be downloaded from here. JoyToKey seems to be distributed in various unofficial websites, and some of them seem to be distributing a tweaked software or "download manager" to install extra applications on your PC.

They are not official distributions, and the author of JoyToKey is not involved in any of those activities. Unless you have a good reason to trust those unofficial websites, you should download JoyToKey from the official download page in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

There does exist some useful 3rd party websites though, for example, a site for people with disabilities where JoyToKey is packaged with pre-defined configurations for PC accessibility. What is JoyToKey? Joystick to Keyboard input. Sitemap Language: Japanese Page.Whenever you press joystick buttons and sticks, JoyToKey will emulate keyboard strokes or mouse inputs based on joystick input so that the target application works as if you used a real keyboard or mouse. It also supports the automatic association with target applications so that the config file will switch automatically when the target application changes.

As stated above, the CNET Installer does contain unwanted programs you can decline the offer during set up If you see a direct download link people, use that instead. You shouldn't have any problems. Read reply 1. The downloaded.

JoyToKey Official Homepage

I have generic joystick. But this works for the less expensive ones. I really do not have anything bad to say about this software. If you do not want to use it buy a Xbox PC joystick. Frustration from actually having to buy some of the more advanced features A very easy to use, flexible, and solid app that can convert joystick movements or button presses into any mouse or keyboard operation. Allows you to play any game that uses keyboard or mouse input using the joystick, or even navigate Windows.

Will probably require some fiddling with to customize to your personal needs, but that's not a fault of the software. Just be advised that some work is involved. This program is great, and really makes it worth having a joystick on your Windows machine. All those games that were never meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse can now feel just like the arcade version. I even have profiles that let me use my arcade fightstick to navigate my web browser, and as a controller for Ableton Live.

Read replies 2. It's a cool program to have if you wanna play games with a controller any controller you have well PC con, that is. If they had a way to use the directional pad that would be great.

joy2key switch pro

You can use the d-pad! The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Useyou can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview User Reviews Specs. Publisher's Description. From JTK software: JoyToKey enables you to control many softwares like web games, browsers, office applications or even Windows itself by using your favorite windows joystick.

What do you need to know about free software? User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros Decent program, I've used it before. Summary As stated above, the CNET Installer does contain unwanted programs you can decline the offer during set up If you see a direct download link people, use that instead.

joy2key switch pro

Read reply 1 Reply by JackKrueger on June 26, " you can decline the offer during set up " Even if you decline, it will still install a bunch of other unwanted crap. Report this post. Pros None - this is not even JoyToKey.The Switch's Joy-Cons are pretty good, but for the full console experience you're going to want to invest in a Pro Controller. If you're looking for more reasons to justify the purchase then one enterprising Redditor has worked out that you can use the Pro Controller with your PC as you would an Xbox pad.

It's not perfect. After all the Pro Controller's face buttons are in the wrong place compared to the Xbox controller which the majority of PC games are designed fornot to mention the fact that the controller doesn't feature analogue triggers like its Microsoft equivalent.


It's also not able to be used via Bluetooth while plugged into a USB port, meaning you can't charge it while it's in use. It does however support Steam's 'Big Picture' mode which is a version of the software optimised for controllers.

Nevertheless, if you want to get the most out of what is quite an expensive purchase, then read on for our guide to using the new controller with Windows. First step is to press the pairing button on the controller. This will cause the lights on the bottom of the controller to flash to indicate its in pairing mode.

Pressing the share button to the left of the home button will achieve the same thing, but reportedly this is a slightly less reliable method. Once the controller is in pairing mode you will be able to select the controller from Windows 10's bluetooth setting menu, where the controller will be listed as 'Pro Controller'. Once it's paired, the controller can be used like any other DirectInput controller, which unfortunately offers a reduced level of compatibility compared to Xinput.

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