Ix4 300d alternative firmware

Please FIX! Lenovo support has been investigating this issue and has been able to replicate the performance problem. We are now working on the next direction to take. Once we have decided the best course of action we will update this post. At this time this is a known issue that the team is working on a developing a work around process that we will be releasing shortly. We appericate your patience in this matter and I will update the forums with a link to the process as soon as it is avialable.

Please let us know if this resolves your issue or if you have further questions. If this resloves your issue please mark this as resolved so that others may find your solution. Looking forward to the next update. We have clients without backups and that's simply unacceptable. I advise would go through the KB again and make sure that everything has been applied correctly. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

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New Reply Solved! See the solution. Ilclode68 Blue Screen Again. Re: ixd slow after firmware updatePM Lenovo support has been investigating this issue and has been able to replicate the performance problem. Re: ixd slow after firmware updatePM I have same problem on three ixd devices.Posted on September 6, Updated on February 21, I am in the process of rebuilding my vSAN Home lab to all flash.

So why not repurpose them to upgrade my IOMega. However, documenting and waiting are most of this battle. From what I understand the command line version is far faster. However, I wanted to document the non-command line version as most of the blogs around this process were a bit sparse on the details. I started off by reading a few blog posts on the non-command line version of this upgrade.

From there I came up with the basic steps and filled in the blanks as I went along. Below are the steps I took to update mine, your steps might vary. After documenting this process I can now see why most of the blogs were sparse on the details, there are a lot of steps and details to complete this task. So, be prepared as this process can be quite lengthy. Like Like. Thanks for the post Greg. Great question. This step may take some playing around but — If you remove all the data from the IO Mega example: IOMega is mapped to your PC, just delete the data on it then follow my blog on how to rebuild the IO Mega, when you remove the 3 non-boot disks I would wipe them with a DOD wipe program and reinsert, and then when you remove the first disk do the same?

Might want to see if you can update the firmware and then try again? Thanks Matt. Someone should be able to get use out of it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Matt Mancini responded: April 9, at am. I hope this helps, and do let us know how it works out for you. Greg said: April 14, at pm. I only have a Mac and some of the utilities and upgrade procedures seem to require a PC.

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Battery life and recharge times will vary based on many factors, including system settings and usage. Pricing: Does not include tax, shipping and handling, or recycling fees. Reseller prices may vary. Savings referenced off regular Lenovo web prices.We recommend using latest version firmware lenovo ix4 d firmware device.

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Install New Hard Drive for IOMEGA HMND CE

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ix4 300d alternative firmware

A number of us have bought or per-ordered these based on this thread in the Hot Deals forum: mikes-computer-lenovo-storcenter-ix2-ne Part of the confusion comes from the fact that these were initially an Iomega product, which was then bought out by EMC, which Lenovo later acquired. There were subtle changes in hardware and software as this process happened.

Evidently documentation is limited. So if you have questions or solutions on how to set these things up, configure them, mod them or even troubleshoot them please post in this thread. Links to offsite resources are welcome. Some of the technical stuff starts around post of the Hot Deals thread: mikes-computer-lenovo-storcenter-ix2-ne So don't wipe any drives until you know which flavour you have.

Western Digital My Cloud EX4 and LenovoEMC ix4-300d Home NAS Units Review

It appears that for the units that came shipped with 2 TB drives they were either WD or Seagate, offsite sources say that even though the Seagates had the same model number there were actually 2 different drives that were used, either a 2 platter or 3 platter configuration. The more details you can post about your specific model, the better we should be able to figure out this conundrum. I bought two. They have arrived. I haven't yet powered them up -- I'm thinking what to do about the firmware update which seems to have problems.

I intend to edit this post to add what I learn. It kind of looks as if they renewed it on Feb Perhaps that fixes the problem. Apparently Seagate made both 2 x 1 TB platter and 3 x GB platter versions for the same model number drive. The 3 platter is reportedly slower. Been using mine as a torrent box and so far so good.This failure lead me down the path of replacing the disk, as luck would have it I have a total of 8 of these disks shared across two storage environments, the first being the test lab, the second being my Buffalo Terastation Pro II.

Not wanting to decommission the TS Pro II until the data had been replicated to another device I decided to bite the bullet and see about upgrading the disks in the IX4 again, this time using the same 2TB Seagate Barracudas currently sitting in the 8TB unit. Going through the procedure of removing all the data from the IX4 I powered down the device and removed 3 of the old gb drives and replaced them with the new WD EARS drives, powered the unit back on and got the usual message about " Data is unavailable due to a failure " and then a further request about wanting to overwrite unused drives to add them back into the system, what this process actually does is partition the drives into two partitions, the first is the OS for the IX4 whilst the second is the data partition.

Using my now trusty IOmeter VM I carried out some tests to see what kind of performance I was getting from the new drives compared to the old ones. As you will see in a moment I was a tad disappointed with my results. Obviously I had some performance issues here, now I should admit that this device is actually my backup device for my main NAS I have replicated data across two NAS devices currently, the idea with the new disks in the IX4 is to replace my existing Buffalo Terastation so I can use the disks from there in my testlab so theoretically I could just live with the performance hit, or I could see if I could squeeze some more out of these drives, of course I went for the second option.

Again powering up my trusty IOmeter VM I carried out further testing to see if there was any improvement when using the newly formatted drives I got the following results.

Nice write up. Is the LAN card an onboard?

ix4 300d alternative firmware

Also when did you download DSS? To replace the failed drive you should log onto the NAS device, Go to Settings and then you can check the Event Logs or click on Disks and see which of the drives has failed there. Take a note of the drive number 1 — 4power down the NAS and open up the case. Once the drive is fitted power on the NAS and allow the system to rebuild the raid array. Having problems with booting my StorCenter ixd. After doing a format on all 4 disks 1TB each the system is not booting anymore.

The screen is displaying the network and the usb symbol. Seems like the partition with the system on it is gone on all 4 disks. Hopefully there is somewhere a download or image file available with the OS partition. Otherwise my StorCenter is bricked. Were these the original disks or upgraded drives? If you still have your original drives to hand then you should be able to restore the unit by replacing drive 0 with an original drive and powering the unit up.

As I mentioned in my post I followed a 2 stage upgrade path by only upgrading 3 drives and then once they were online did I power off and replace the last drive. One thing that I did is use the command DD from the IX4 to create a exact block copy of the first 2G partition on each drive. I am curious if anyone has a ixd Cloud Edition that they would want to share their dd image of the boot partition?

I am not sure it will run on my box, but after these Seagate drives start dropping like flies and me loosing some data I am starting over with larger WD in a RAID Mark: Would you by any chance be willing to share that DD image you have from the 2G partition?

My IXd is down at the moment, all 4 disks are gone…. Does anyone know the largest size drive the IXd supports?

I bought a second hand ixd on ebay, and as I found out, without disks. Can you help? Been banging my head whole day. James, when you upgraded your disks did you start from scratch or just add the disks in one at a time ie remove a disk and replace it then allowing the array to rebuild itself or did you do follow my instructions? Essentially when I upgraded my disks I copied the content of the gb drive just the OS portion rather than the storage array portion and let it create the storage itself, it used the entire disk up.

I did the one drive at a time routine. It all has seemed to work fine took forever. I need to have a look at the new firmware as well as the firmware for the cloud edition unfortunately Iomega require registration of a qualifying device before you can download it to see what improvements it offers.

What I found with my drives is that they had a jumper setting that I could use that turned it back to bytes instead of 4k, I did notice a slight improvement when moving back to the older format.Like most enterprise NAS devices, the Lenovo NAS has a management portal that provides functionality for business needs such as user and asset management, external synchronization, and a web accessible file browser.

The following blog post covers the vulnerabilities we identified in the ix4—d running firmware version 4. Sign up to get our latest blogs. The file upload functionality of the Content Explorer application on the Lenovo ix4—d is vulnerable to path traversal. When joining a PersonalCloud setup, a request similar to below is made. As a result, arbitrary commands may be executed as the root user. When changing the name of a share, a request similar to the POST request below is made.

As a result, arbitrary commands are executed as the root user. The Content Explorer application on the Lenovo ix4—d grants users the ability to upload files to shares that are available to their user. When we uploaded an image to the share, we noticed that the image was served to us back as an image instead of an attachment. The application does not prevent the user from uploading SVG images and returns these images within their origin.

As a result, malicious users can upload SVG images that contain arbitrary JavaScript that is evaluated when the victim issues a request to download an asset as illustrated in the figure below. In our example, we use this vulnerability to launch a cross-site scripting attack.

Vulnerable Pages:. If the user signs in with a preexisting iomega cookie, the web server will not provide the user with a new cookie.

ix4 300d alternative firmware

An example login session is shown below:. The file name used for assets accessible through the Content Viewer application on the Lenovo ix4 is vulnerable to self cross-site scripting self-XSS.

As a result, adversaries can add files to shares accessible from the Content Viewer with a cross site scripting payload in its name, and wait for a user to try and rename the file for their payload to trigger. Rick Ramgattie is a Security Analyst at Independent Security Evaluatorsa firm of security specialists that provide a wide range of services including custom security assessments and software development.

ISE also runs IoT Villagewhich hosts talks by expert security researchers who dissect real-world exploits and hacking contests consisting of off-the-shelf IoT devices. Sign in. New Vulnerabilities Found in Lenovo ix4—d. Rick Ramgattie Follow. August 6, Response from Lenovo where they requested that we extend our deadline to September 20, August 20, We agree to the deadline of September 20, September 20, Lenovo published fixes.

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