How to speed run pokemon sword

Bahasa Indonesia. Moderated by: Keizaron Keizaroneddaket eddaketitotaka itotakapokeguy pokeguywartab wartabAraya Araya. Hi there! I think we should have a different category or game for shield and sword because one gym is not the same so the route is different and the timer too. This subject is pending. You can discuss this in our Discord if you want. That said, it's two gyms, not one that is different. DemataPyro DemataPyro.

KilleDragon KilleDragon. Strackel Strackel no only 1 gym, few pokemons are different pokemons. Kidrocker96 Kidrocker KilleDragon KilleDragon No two gyms are different the 4th is either the ghost or fighting, and the 6th is either ice or rock depending on what version you got.

In all case, in the future would be so nice to separate it in 2 subcategories if the different into WRs of each one is so high or if the top 10 is all of 10 runs of the same game or soemthing like this lol. KilleDragon KilleDragon if you want that atm you can use the variable tab the mods arent sure atm whether they want to split yet. Now that I realize about it… And if you do a SpeedRun of both games?

Would be so logic lol, so you cant have both in the leaderboard lmfao. Duraludon Duraludon. There's no merit to having a run take up two spots on the leaderboard, as it would be unfair to everyone with a slower PB than your slower PB.

I think that we can have two more categories in these games, don't hesitate to give your opinion. Guys, instead of asking for categories, do a run of them and then show it to people on discord. Then people will consider it.This competitive system lets players enter a series of special battles to earn points, reach different tiers, and receive rewards like Gold Bottle Caps.

Sword and Shield is less than a month old, so tactics are sure to change as the scene matures. Even so, there are still plenty of supremely powerful creatures to stack your team with and sweep online opponents under the rug.

This Dragon-Ghost type was introduced in Generation 8 and has already become a competitive staple. The deadly combination of its Speed and Attack makes the arrow-headed dragon a valuable attacker. Dragapult recommended Natures are: Jolly, Naive, or Adamant. The first two will further boost its speed, while the third increases its attack.

Top 10 Competitive Pokémon in Sword & Shield and How To Play them

The item will boost physical Attack by 50 percent, but only allows Dragapult to use one move. The Ghost-Fairy type is immune to Dragon-type attacks and its Disguise ability protects it from one attack per battle. This allows players to set up with attack-boosting moves like Sword Dance for free. Its recommended Natures are Adamant and Jolly. The first will boost its relatively low base attack, while the second compliments its strong base Speed.

If Dracovish uses the move first, its attack doubles to a base ofwhich is already stronger than most moves in the game. But Wolfey explained in a tweet that it can become even more powerful. Give it a Choice Band to further boost its physical attack stat by 50 percent. It can also learn Gear Shift, a rare move that increases its Attack by one stage and its Speed by two, which can make it a powerful sweeper. Give it Choice Specs to greatly boost its special attack, in exchange for only letting it use one move.

This is complemented by its normal ability Gorilla Tactics, which acts like a free Choice Band, making the Ice and Fire type extremely lethal. Its recommended Nature is Jolly to boost its 81 Speed, which is often not enough to go first. Give it a Choice Scarf to further boost its speed, as its attack is already increased by its Gorilla Tactics ability.

The Flying-Steel type fills the role of a powerful defender when going up against formidable opponents like Dragapult.

By teaching it moves like Iron Defense and Roost, it can soak up damage to effectively wait out a Dynamax state and let you counter later in the battle. Give it Leftovers to let it gradually increase its HP in battle. Danny Paez. Related Tags Video Games. Results for:.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. In Pokemon, even two Pokemon of the same species will have different individual characteristics.

Breeding is the process through which you can select particular traits to pass down to new Pokemon. Although the breeding process in Pokemon Sword and Shield has gotten slightly easier compared to previous generations, it is still a very time consuming process. Breeding still plays a huge role in creating strong Pokemon in order to win Ranked Battles.

6 must-have Pokémon for your 'Sword and Shield' competitive team

You will be able to modify the stats affected by a Nature by using an item called a Mint. However, you need a lot of Battle Points BP to do so.

Breeding is also necessary to create strong Pokemon with which to farm BP in the first place. You also have to level your Pokemon to to use Hyper Training. Leaving any Pokemon with a Ditto will give you an egg from the non-Ditto Pokemon. When you want to pass down a certain Nature to your egg, have the parent Pokemon with ideal Nature hold an item called an Everstone.

The egg Pokemon's nature will become the same as the parent Pokemon with the Everstone. It doesn't matter which parent holds the Everstone. Whichever parent is holding Everstone passes down its Nature. Eggs inherit 3 random IVs from their parents. By using the Destiny Knot, you can inherit 5 IVs! Keep in mind, you will inherit 5 from both parentswhich means that if both parents have higher IVs, the chance of producing a better Pokemon will increase.

It just means that you are guaranteeing one particular IV. If two Pokemon are in the same group, they can produce an egg. The egg will always be the same species as the female Pokemon. This will give you the freedom to breed anything you need.

Some moves can only be learned through breeding. In order to learn these, you'll have to be aware of the egg group relationships among Pokemon. In Sword and Shield, it's possible to transfer an egg move between two of the same Pokemon. After some time, the egg move will be passed on. This will allow you to create the ideal Pokemon without needing to breed again. This require Battle Points to purchase which you can earn by playing in competitive matches in the Battle Tower. Base Points, which are also known as "Effort Values" or "EVs", are one of the main ways you can customize your Pokemon's stats.

The picture above is a comparison between two level Pikachu. The right one has Base Point training while the left one has no Base Points.

Unlike previous generations, you can reach max EVs by only using Vitamins. Vitamins can be bought with BP or money, but it is recommended you buy them with money at a Pokemon Center in Wyndon as BP is required for a lot of other end-game content. Money can also be earned faster than BP. Base Points can be earned by defeating other Pokemon.There is a certain unmatched level of expectation that has transported Pokemon Sword and Shield to its release on the Nintendo Switch—it is the first mainline Pokemon game on a non-handheld, after all.

And while the on-paper list of features and some divisive cuts seem jarring, once Sword and Shield is in a player's hands, the same pervasive Pokemon formula and charm is once again irresistible.

Sword and Shield is pleasing to the eye regardless of one's initial expectations for a console Pokemon game. This is a colorful, animated experience. Players glide through the countryside and hit a few varied cities on the way, from the industrial-aged takes on steam power to the small English villages with a few houses dotting the dirt around a giant gym. The scale of the visual presentation is superb.

Early on in the game, simply stepping outside and seeing the sprawling pastures stretching off toward a town in the distance and Pokemon flying overhead in the clouds is sensational. Player characters are animated, and the cutscenes sometimes feature animated counterparts.

Pokemon themselves hop around the map with tails wagging, and different types of animal-based 'mons take longer than others to chase the player. There is a ton of attention to detail for those willing to take notice.

But by far the most impressive visual feat is the battles against gym leaders. The scope of the arena and crowd gives these meaningful Pokemon battles a juice that was missed on handheld consoles.

Camera cuts to the crowd put an emphatic bowtie on the immersion, if not the tension of a close battle. That said, non-gym-finale battles are all over the place visually. Sometimes there's a backdrop to illustrate the surroundings of the battle.

Other times there's nothing at all. Weird things like no cutscene or animation for fast travel at all seem a little jarring. And this is where a bit of disclaimer comes into play. Expectations play a role in the enjoyment of the visuals just like anywhere else, and performance-wise, pop-in is a big problem. Saying this looks like a handheld game blown up for the Switch isn't fair given the art direction and scope at times, but throwing it alongside some of the console's heavy hitters doesn't do it any favors.

On the gameplay front, expectations don't play much of a factor thanks to the tried-and-true formula. Trainers who know the deal will feel right at home—and, finally, this plus-year-old series acknowledges that.

how to speed run pokemon sword

Simply tell the NPC and skip all the tutorials at the start of the game, such as how to catch a Pokemon. That was the first major hint this was a streamlined game with unnecessary fat trimmed all the way down. Battles are what longtime fans have come to expect. The turn-based fights are simplistic enough that a rudimentary understanding of type matchups will see casual players through. But the depth beyond the surface layer will once again fuel thrilling competitive scenes.

Either end of the spectrum is a sheer joy to play again thanks to a new cast of 'mons. The former is accessible to all Pokemon under certain circumstances. It balloons the 'mon to massive heights and resets the moveset to simplified terms. Throughout a playthrough, it never feels overpowered and otherwise fits the big-fight feel well, though the competitive side could likely unearth some deeper usages that change this thought in hindsight.

how to speed run pokemon sword

Arguably more interesting is the overworld change. Besides some 'mons hiding in tall grass which can be rareall Pokemon walk around on the overworld now. Trainers who don't want to fight can simply avoid them.

Catching Pokemon received an interesting tweak, though.This portion of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide and Walkthrough provides all the Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolutions for returning Pokemon and the new gen 8 Pokemon in Sword and Shieldincluding detailed directions for how to evolve every Pokemon in the game. Click through the slideshow to see the new gen 8 Pokemon or keep scrolling to look at the full list of every evolution method for both new and old Pokemon.

Those exclusive to Sword will be in blue and those exclusive to Shield will be in red. For even more exclusives be sure to check out the version differences. Check our Friendship vs Affection guide for how to check and increase Friendship. Last Edited: 2 Mar pm. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "E". Developer Game Freak. Release Date November 15, Table of Contents.

Evolves into Thwackey at Lvl. Evolves into Rillaboom at Lvl. Evolves into Raboot at Lvl. Evolves into Cinderace at Lvl. Evolves into Drizzile at Lvl. Evolves into Inteleon at Lvl. Evolves into Dottler at Lvl. Bug Psychic. Evolves into Orbeetle at Lvl. Evolves into Metapod at Lvl. Bug Flying. Evolves into Charjabug at Lvl.This page includes the 3 starters in Pokemon Sword and Shield: GrookeyScorbunnyand Sobble plus the official, confirmed starter evolutions. Similar to its predecessors, players are presented with three different Pokemon Sword and Shield starters.

The player has the option to choose between the following three Starter Pokemon : Starter Pokemon are always either GrassFireor Water -types.

This way, regardless of which starter you choose, it will be strong against one, but weak to the other. If you'd like more detailed information, you can click on the Pokemon 's name to be taken to their individual wiki page. If you would like to see their evolutions, we have a spoilers tag before they appear. You can scroll towards the bottom of this page, or view it by clicking the Starter's name to be taken to their page don't worry, the evolutions are also tagged as spoilers on those pages. It disappears when it touches water.

Below are the real starter evolutions for Pokemon Sword and Shield. See what GrookeyScorbunnyand Sobble look like all grown up and check out their evolution chains to see what level they evolve at. Below you'll find all of Grookey 's evolutions.

Grookey and all its evolutions are mono-type.

how to speed run pokemon sword

In this case, that means all of them are only Grass Type. Be sure to read our page explaining everything you need to know about the Expansions.

Below you'll find all of Scorbunny 's evolutions. Scorbunny and all its evolutions are mono-type. In this case, that means all of them are only Fire Type. Below you'll find all of Sobble 's evolutions. Sobble and all its evolutions are mono-type. In this case, that means all of them are only Water Type. Last Edited: 2 Mar pm.

Grookey Starter Pokemon [ edit ] Loading. If you don't want to see the starter evolutions stop scrolling. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "E". Developer Game Freak. Release Date November 15, Table of Contents. Chimp Pokemon. Rabbit Pokemon.Even though this moveset originated in the monotype tier, it works fantastically well in the current VS Battle meta.

Hawlucha acts as the fastest Flying setup sweeper available thanks to Unburden and Max Airstream boosting its Speed beyond even that of Swift Swim and Sand Rush sweepers. Typically, you should look to use Swords Dance before Dynamaxing so that Hawlucha is extremely powerful right off the bat; however, Max Knuckle allows it to easily boost its Attack during Dynamax as well. Mimikyu holds a niche in the metagame due to its unique typing and ability Disguise, which gives it a free turn to attack or set up.

Defensively, Mimikyu can act as a blanket check to many threats. However, Mimikyu struggles to break common defensive Pokemon such Toxapex. Swords Dance allows Mimikyu to boost its below-average Attack stat. Life Orb is the preferred item, as it gives Mimikyu a consistent boost in power, allowing it to hit much harder. Maximum Speed and Attack investment allows Mimikyu to hit as hard and be as fast as possible. An Adamant nature allows Mimikyu to do much more damage to Pokemon, especially after a Swords Dance, and it is the preferred nature on Sticky Web teams.

However, a Jolly nature allows Mimikyu to outpace some other Jolly threats, but the preferred nature is definitely Adamant. Try to use Swords Dance when Mimikyu has a clear shot at sweeping or when you need to break through the opposing Pokemon. Ferrothorn is a premier hazard setter in the metagame, as it has access to both Spikes and Stealth Rock. They are very important in pressuring opposing teams as they switch Pokemon, which is why Ferrothorn is so successful.

Ferrothorn can also annoy other teams with moves like Leech Seed and Knock Off, which whittle or cripple opposing Pokemon. Ferrothorn is naturally a good check to many Pokemon in the current metagame.

While Ferrothorn is a very good Pokemon, it is extremely slow, which hampers its offensive presence, since it will practically always be outsped.

Pokemon Sword Any% Speedrun in 4:35:04

Ferrothorn is also 4x weak to Fire, so it should be wary. Excadrill is an ideal revenge killer under sand, as it is only outsped by a few boosted Pokemon and its STAB Earthquake is excellent against the plethora of Ground-weak Pokemon in the metagame.

Pokemon that hinder Excadrill include Quagsire, Hippowdon, and Corviknight; therefore, a good teammate to help Excadrill handle these would be Gothitelle, as it has the potential to trap them while shutting them down. A few more Pokemon with the potential to defensively and offensively threaten them include Ferrothorn, Gyarados, Galarian Darmanitan, and Eternatus.

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