Garo fansub

It was created as a 15th anniversary work of the GARO Seriesin which numerous works are produced and developed in various media and expression styles such as live-action dramas, animations, and theatrical performances. The world view is renewed from the previous series [2]. The plot centers around a man named Sena Kuon and a virtual reality world that seems to somehow affect the real world. The game navigator, Shukaexplains to them, "Clear various stages and keep winning, get everything you want and the strongest title, Golden Knight Garo.

People who initially thought it was just a game, when they witnessed a person who was hunted by an "enemy", Horrorand lost their lives, eventually revealed their true nature in order to clear the game and survive, fighting for betrayal and plots.

It fits and disappears one by one. A man who sits and watches over the scene murmured, "Fill Garo with your Inga ". This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Viewer discretion is advised! ISBN Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Shousetsu Hagiri.Sword is a very headstrong and happy-go-lucky person; confident with his own abilities as a Makai Knight, and very well-meaning with almost every person he meets. One of the glaring contrasts he has from the other inheritors of the Garo title is that he is very much perverted, often getting distracted with women, and clasping his hands in prayer and being thankful whenever he sees a woman with large breasts.

He's also quite a glutton, often eating large quantities of steak and french fries when not on a mission. Despite being perceptive, Sword has some tendencies to rush into battle fist-first, often clashing with Horrors and causing much collateral damage to his surroundings after each fight.

This actions often gets him branded as an idiot and is often ridiculed by other members of the Order. Despite this, he truly honors his duties as a Makai Knight and values his status as a protector. Unlike most conventional Makai Knights, Sword often prefers to beat Horrors down using his fists, only brandishing his blade during critical situations, or when dealing finishing blows to stronger Horrors.

His large build and physique reflect this as he seems to possess unnatural strength, often punching Horrors through brick walls and smashing them through cars, even when not transformed.

Also, despite being a large and bulky man, Sword is very much agile, as seen when he could jump around buildings and chase down Horrors before proceeding to beat them down. As such, he has the ability to don the Garo Armor. While on his motorcycle, he does an alternate summon by skidding his blade on the road, then performing a donut with his bike; the circle formed opens the portal to equip his armor and transform his bike. It is also shown that he does the normal summon done by other bearers of the armor; by pointing his Makai Blade up in the air and drawing a circle above him.

Garo Project

Sword's Garo armor differs from the traditional design, as it takes on a more futuristic and edgier look with purple circuit-like highlights that glow. Also, the Makai Armor dons two metallic tassels with blades hanging from his shoulders, which Sword can use for added offense. Like many bearers of the Garo armor before him, the armor's eyes take on a different color to differentiate the wearer, with Sword having reddish eyes that glow purple when the armor itself glows.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.The first main series Garo was broadcast inwith subsequent specials, sequels, spin-offs, and films released in the following years. The Garo Project is noted for being more of an adult-oriented form of Tokusatsu entertainment, blending in elements of Horror, Fantasy, and Mythology to its story and world-building.

The general overview of the franchise's world-building and lore centers around the on-going war between the demonic beasts called Horrors and the Makai Knights ; sworn protectors of humanity. The main focus of the story involves the titular Garo, The Golden Knightconsidered as the strongest Makai Knight, and his battles against the Horrors.

While the first two seasons initially focused on the first Garo, Kouga Saejimathe subsequent series introduced other Makai Knights who would also carry the title, exploring their own stories as well. As the Realm of Garo expands further, more events and characters would be introduced, all with their own stories to tell. The Garo Project is largely divided into three distinct series continuities, with each series spawning their own stories and sequels.

The first continuity is the Original Timeline, depicting the stories of the Saejima bloodline. The third continuity are the Anime Timelines, each having their own sub-stories per season. There are also the spin-off series of films and TV shows, centering around the many supporting characters introduced in the different Garo continuities.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis.


Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Universal Conquest Wiki.If you're having trouble downloading with the torrents, try getting our files through DropBox!

Send me an e-mail if you're interested. Apparently we were capping the video at Hopefully this fixes it! A lot of people have expressed enjoyment from the nickname we gave the series in our release post. I can't take credit for that joke though!

It's from forum user Aeikozz! Credit given where it's due! It's only through torrents right now. I recommend using a seedbox for torrents. Most clients will let you subscribe to the RSS feed to let you download it as soon as there's a release There's probably ways to filter it if you want only certain torrents.

But if you have a Dropbox, send me an e-mail or forum PM and I'll add you to our released folder. If you have Dropbox set up on your computer to sync automatically, the files will download as soon as they're added. In the episode article page there'll be a link to the forum discussion thread in the Navigation box as well as info on who the writer and director are for the episode. There's list of guest actors, trivia, and what commercials are included.

At the bottom there's a link to the Japanese caption transcript if you want to double check our work. After about a week we added the average reaction to the viewer poll in the discussion thread to the Nav box. On the series page, at the bottom you can see a list of files releasedin case you're trying to figure out what you're missing from your TV-Nihon fansub collection. There's also the disc release article in case you're wondering when a certain release will come out. I'm also trying to be good about having an article link to whatever upcoming projects there are.

Hopefully it'll cut down on the number of people asking "Are you going to release this? We have episode discussion threads for every release we do. There's a poll at the top which gets the average result posted in the following week thread. It's not super scientific, but it's a fun temperature test of how the series is going.

Link to episode wiki in thread itself, link to series wiki at the top of the forum. I have VHS transfers for lossless transfers, donated to me by someone.

A We don't send death threats. It's pretty shocking what kind of lies people will tell to make our group look bad. B Do I need to say this?

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garo fansub

Tags: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Sentai. Read more about Zenkaiger 02 released takenoko's blog. North and South. Light and Dark. Read more about KR Saber 26 released takenoko's blog. Tags: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.Originally in the s and s, this was done using VCR equipment. Today, with the advent of the Internet, fansubs can be done digitally using custom software and editing tools.

garo fansub

The reason that fansubs exist is due to the inaccessibility of home video releases of Japanese properties in certain parts of the world.

United States of America or Russia. Because of this, fans sometimes resort to other means of obtaining it via torrent sites because of the lack of legal alternatives, as Japanese DVDs are limited and expensive and no company producing toku at this time has any plans to sell or distribute them online to foreign fans. Many entries in the Garo series have been subbed by various fansub groups so that anyone is able to enjoy them.

This page will serve as a list of the fansub groups, and links to their sites. Please keep in mind that it is against the policy of the Garo Wiki, as well as Wikia, to link directly to torrents, downloads or uploading episode videos from streaming sites such as YouTube, unless it is an official source such as Crunchyroll, the GARO Official Youtube Page etc. We only use fansubs out of necessity to obtain information from the content within the episodes and films, mostly for the purpose of educating people about the subject of the Garo franchise and raws for screen capture images.

Whenever possible, if an official English release does happen, we try to encourage fans to purchase it to support the creators of the content and future releases. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Please be patient.

Main Page. What Garo Wiki is not. Page Guidelines. Image Guidelines. Garo Spellings. Japanese Language. Naming Conventions and Redirects. Audio Files. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.And listen this author has--to black college students talking about the Million Man March and welfare, to Southern, black Baptists discussing homosexuality in the church, to black men in a barbershop early on a Saturday morning, to the voices of hip-hop music and Black Entertainment Television.

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garo fansub

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