Diesel injector replacement cost

The fuel injector is one of the most important parts of a modern engine. It allows for precise control over fuel mixture and pushing modern vehicles to new heights of performance, emissions, and fuel economy. Modern electronic fuel injection has allowed vehicle manufacturers to push the limits of what is possible with internal combustion engines. Because of how different the fuel injector systems are from each other, they have varying levels of difficulty in maintenance and repair.

Port injection is often cheaper to repair but can come with longer diagnosis because it does not have the computer monitoring of direct injection systems. Because fuel injection is a complex system, the costs associated with a repair can vary fairly widely.

A Dodge Journey 3.

diesel injector replacement cost

The technician gets code P for a cylinder 4 misfire. After diagnosing, they find that the cylinder 4 injector wiring is open. A Ford Focus 2. The technician pulls codes and diagnoses an open in the cylinder 2 fuel injector. A Chevrolet Cobalt 2. The technician diagnoses injectors sticking and recommends an injector cleaning.

A Audi A4 2. The technician diagnoses the high-pressure fuel pump as failed. A Toyota Camry 3. The technician inspects the fuel injector and notices rust in the fuel rail from poor quality fuel in the system.

The injectors are contaminated and must be replaced and the fuel tank is removed to clean it out. The fuel injector is supplied with fuel pressure from the rail and the ECM electronic control module controls the electrical signal to the injector; opening it for a specific amount of time and injecting the proper amount of fuel into the cylinder. The type of fuel injection system varies on the kind of engine used in a vehicle; with the two main modern types being port injection sometimes marketed as SPI or MPI and direct injection.

Port injection has the injectors mounted in ports in the intake manifold and spraying onto the valves which is more cost-effective and easier to control. However, it does not provide the control of a direct injection system. Direct injection has the injectors mounted in the head and spraying directly into the cylinder which allows the vehicle to have complete control over the fueling requirements on a cylinder by cylinder basis.

However, it is a more complex and expensive system to implement. Fuel injection systems can fail in two main ways — either a mechanical or electrical failure. Mechanical failures are often due to issues outside of the injection system, whereas electrical failures can be from outside influences or by a failure in one of the components themselves. Mechanical failures of the injection system differ depending on the type of system in the vehicle.

For port injection, it can include leaking or sticking injectors, fuel pressure regulators, leaks, as well as clogged ports. For direct injection, it includes faulty injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps, leaks or internal engine damage.

Electrical failures share similarities between both systems as the electronics mostly operate the same between them. They can be caused by failed injectors, bad wiring or a bad ECM. The biggest contributing factor to fuel injection system longevity is the quality of the fuel being run through the injectors.

Fuel only has a certain shelf life for gas about Select Year. Select Make. Select Model. Select Part. Select Fitment. In-tank lift pumps, high-pressure fuel pumps located directly on the engine, and electronic control modules are all common issues, but the most common are the injectors themselves. There are two main types of diesel injection used. The simpler version utilizes a diesel injection pump, which both generates fuel pressure and distributes fuel to each injector.

These use relatively simple injectors, since most of the fuel management occurs at the injection pump.

Injector cleaning,diesel injector cleaning diy, Volkswagen Vento TDI,cost per injector= Rs.700

The injectors are therefore less expensive, but the injection pump itself is commonly replaced on higher-mileage vehicles. Newer diesel engines use common-rail direct injection. They still use either a centrally-located injection pump or a high-pressure fuel pump, but instead of connecting directly to each individual injector, they meter fuel to a fuel rail, which each injector is attached to.

V6 or V8 engines will have a fuel rail with 3 or 4 injectors on each cylinder bank, while inline engines use a single rail that feeds all the injectors. The injectors are individually controlled, meaning each one has its own electronic element. This system is easier for the ECU to control, meaning better performance, efficiency, and emissions, but now that each injector is electronic rather than just a mechanical nozzle, they are more complicated, and in turn more expensive as well.

Keep in mind while your vehicle only has one injection pump, it will have an injector for each cylinder, so they can add up quickly. While you can replace a single injector, they all wear at about the same rate. Replacing the entire set at the same time is better for long-term reliability, and will likely save you money on purchase price and labor expenses as well.

Labor on diesel engines is traditionally more expensive than on gas vehicles. Because diesel engines operate at much higher compression than gasoline engines, they need to be built stronger, which means they are larger and heavier, making access to them a lot more difficult. With the rate at which automotive technology is advancing, diesel cars are getting more efficient, and diesel trucks are getting more capable, but this advancement comes at a price. We carry guaranteed exact fit injectors, injection pumps and electronic control modules from known brands like Bosch, Stanadyne, Delphi and more.

All our parts professionals are here and ready to help!Tell us when to meet you at your home or office. Continue with your day while our mechanic fixes your car onsite. You pay only after the job is done. The injector has a solenoid and valve within and the operation, or pulsing, of the solenoid is controlled by the powertrain control module PCM. Fuel injectors are usually connected to a fuel rail located on the top of the engine and the fuel rail, in turn, is supplied with fuel under pressure from the fuel pump located in the fuel tank.

Injectors can be serviced once removed from the car or replaced outright with new injectors.

diesel injector replacement cost

If the injectors are serviced, specialized cleaning and test equipment are required. The choice to repair versus replace will depend on exactly what is wrong with the injector as well as customer preference. Either option requires removing the injector from the car and the following procedure is typical:. Yes, so long as there is no external leak of fuel from a broken or malfunctioning injector, it is safe to drive the car.

However, if the injector is known to be malfunctioning, it can cause engine misfires, excessive emissions or, in the case of a badly leaking injector, can overload and overheat the catalytic converter. Additionally, fuel efficiency will always be diminished if the fuel injectors are not working properly. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

YourMechanic Price. Average Dealer price. Average Shop price. Get an instant quote for your car. Year I don't know. Fuel Injector Replacement Service What is a fuel injector and how does it work? When to consider replacing a fuel injector: Rough idle, loss of power, or misfiring.

Poor engine operation has many causes but faults in the fuel injection system, including the fuel injectors, are high on the list of possibilities. Odor of raw gas or visible leaks.Your engine needs different amounts of fuel for each engine cycle, so as fuel enters the engine, fuel injectors ensure that the right amount goes into each cycle.

The injector works on the same principle as a spray bottle, but it is controlled electronically and automatically. Generally, the fuel injectors will only need to be replaced when there is a problem with them. You should not have a lot of other parts to pay for repairs or replacements on. You do need to be aware of the vast difference in labor costs between vehicles, though. It all depends on the kind of manifold your car has when figuring labor costs and time.

If you get this issue fixed, then your car will be much more reliable. It should not stall out or have trouble accelerating anymore. You will also be protecting your engine and other internal car parts, as fixing the fuel injectors can prevent overheating.

A lot of time, the manifold will need to be taken out to get to the fuel injector. This is a time-consuming job and takes up much of the fuel injector replacement process. Once the mechanic can get to the fuel injector, he will disconnect it from the fuel rail and electronic connectors.

Then he can install the new fuel injector and reconnect the fuel rail and electric wires. You really should not drive when the fuel injector starts to fail. You will probably have to deal with a car that stalls out every so often and may not even operate.

These are just a few of the more obvious signs that your fuel injector is failing. Less obvious signs would be poor fuel economy and occasional overheating. Make sure your mechanic is checking the fuel injectors when your car is being maintained. In most cases, we suggest leaving this replacement job to professionals. So, if you hope to save some money by doing the work yourself, we would advise against it, unless you are experienced at car repairs and know what you are doing.

You can shave off some cost, in some instances, by comparing the costs of some of the mechanics near you. You may also be able to source some of the parts on your own and find them for cheaper than what the mechanic is charging.

How Much Does a Fuel Injector Replacement Cost?

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diesel injector replacement cost

So if you are wondering exactly where to buy high performance Dodge Cummins diesel fuel injector kits, look no further. They will provide you with an instant boost performance of 60 horsepower or more. Plus they fit the engines of theand In addition, all the parts are tested and calibrated on the original engine manufacturer qualified testing equipment.

If you want to replace your failed stock injectors and give your truck a boost in performance at the same time, then our Surefire HP Fuel Injectors are the perfect replacement. Some of their most important features include:. First of all, Taylor Diesel Group has been in the business since And we always stand behind our product.

Did you know that we have been to O. Certified training for common rail injectors? In addition, our stock fuel injectors come with a two year warranty and our day warranty on all high-output performance injectors. So if you have any sort of problem, you can also visit one of our stores.

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We know your fuel injectors are important.

Fuel Injector Replacement Cost

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How Much Does a Fuel Injector Replacement Cost?

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diesel injector replacement cost

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