Cushman husky engine timing

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Point Ignition Overview. Electric Ignition Timing Overview. Timing a points bike is pretty easy but you'll need a few specialized tools to do the job right. Some of these can be made pretty easily and inexpensively and will save you from a headache later on. There are three basic things that need to occur to set the timing correctly:. We'll start with setting the firing point which is figured out by first locating the point at which the piston has reached the absolute top of its stroke.

This can be done with a degree disk or a dial gauge. This method shows the degree disk which involves less specialized tools. The first step is to remove the right hand side engine cowl to gain access to the motor.

Remove the 4 flathead screws that hold the sheet metal flywheel cover to the main casing. Once the flywheel cover is gone, remove the plastic cap over the central nut.

I always use a magnet to hold the degree disk in place, and since aluminum isn't magnetic, I use one on to the end of the crank shaft. With the degree disk in place you can now start the process to find top dead center TDC. You may need to cut some access holes in the degree disk face so that you can reach the inspection hole in the flywheel. Next you need to make a pointer. An easy way to do this is cut about a " length of wire or an old coat hanger and bend it a hoop in one end.

Bend the other end so that when it is mounted to the casing with a fan cowl screw, it will point accurately to the timing disk see above.

Remove the spark plug and fit the TDC tool carefully. Fully torque it down as if it were the actual spark plug. Depending on where your piston is in the bore, the flywheel may move slightly as you install the tool. The idea behind this tool is that as you rotate the flywheel by handthe piston will not be able to reach TDC because of the bolt in the tool. Once it hits, if you back it off until it hits again you will know the total amount of degrees between the two points which can give you TDC with a simple calculation.

See the next image for a better visual guide. Once the TDC tool is in place turn the flywheel by hand clockwise until it stops against the tool. This is the upper "stop" in the picture above. Remove and replace the timing disk so that the pointer is at zero degrees when the piston is against this stop. From this point on if the degree disk slips or moves in any way you will have to start over, It is very important that this procedure starts from zero when the piston is at the stop.

Now slowly turn the flywheel anti-clockwise until it stops again on the lower "stop" in the picture above. Make a note of how many degrees the flywheel has turned between the two stops represented by the white arc above.

cushman husky engine timing

Take this number and subtract it from which is the full rotation of the flywheel. This will give you the degrees that the flywheel cannot travel because of the TDC tool represented with the green arc above. Divide this amount by two represented by the yellow line above and the result is the amount of degrees clockwise past the zero on the degree disk to reach TDC.

Remove the TDC tool and turn your flywheel until the zero mark and your wire pointer line up. Now turn the flywheel clockwise by the result of your calculations. When it reaches this point you can do one of the following to mark TDC:.

Now that you know TDC you can determine where the bike should fire. All timing points are given by degrees before top dead center or BTDC.Galen Perron has been fascinated by Cushman engines since he was a boy of 9 or Initially, he was like the kid in the candy shop, bedazzled by the variety.

Cushman used lighter castings. They were innovative in a lot of ways. They were always making changes to the engines to make them better. Like the way the valves were configured: Cushman had them in line with each other. Normally you only see that on really high-price engines. Hooked, Galen began building a collection at age His first engine: a 4 hp Cushman Cub.

Cushman Husky engine, with notes

Today, the Mt. As a hometown boy, Galen was there with a selection of his engines, including a couple of 4 hp Model C engines and a 5 hp Model 1B2. The older of the Model C engines is a rare piece predating Wendel in American Gasoline Engines Since He believes it to have been a local engine. The other 4 hp Model C he showed at Mt. Pleasant dates to about A variation of the older engine, this one is cooled by a radiator.

cushman husky engine timing

The Model C Cushman is not typically a rare engine, he says. The vertical engine was probably built in the early s. His 1B2 vertical came from Oregon, where it was likely used in an orchard, paired with its original Hardie sprayer pump.

Pleasant Cushman display. The engine had not been operated for more than 60 years. Hamill, Iowa. The engine was used to turn the line shaft with 4- and 5-inch flat belts driving a drill press, saw table, disc sharpener, sickle sharpener and an air compressor.

It ran off battery and coil and had a makeshift generator. Marvin remembers hearing the Cushman engine start and run during the day while he attended grade school a block away.

The Cushman made its post-restoration debut at the Mt. Pleasant show, arriving on a slab of the floor it sat on for decades. Nearby engines gleamed under coats of fresh paint. The old line shaft Cushman, though, was a gnarly survivor. A multitude of primitive but serviceable repairs was apparent.

Cushman Eagle w/ Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 H.P. V-Twin, ignition upgrade

At Mt. Pleasant, though, the Cushman was a pup again.Refine your search. Eagle Belt 16 Chain Google Ads. Cushman Motorcycles For Sale results. Refine search. I do not know the condition of the tank as I have never had it hooked up. The fuel gauges registers fuel when the key is turned. The engine ran and the transmission shifted into all gears. I had a reserve fuel tank hooked up to the carburetor when I test drove it. There has been some patchwork done to the sheet metal behind the front wheel.

This bike is in very good condition and a sharp looker with lots of extra chrome parts as the photos show, however it is used and does have a few paint chips as shown but would be very easily touched up as this paint is a G.

A friend of mine purchased this bike several years ago put 27 miles on it and became to ill to ride it and it has been stored in his garage ever since. The White seat is showing some areas of wear from being ri.

Only 15 miles on the odometer and we put 4 of them on it! Electric Engine. Two-speed sliding gear transmissionCast aluminum exhaust manifold with cooling finsChrome muffler and tailpipeChrome plated rubber mounted handle barsAutomotive type instrument panelBall bearing mount, front fork to main frameTelescopic front forkAutomatic clutchDry type air cleanerTapered roller bearings both front and rear wheelsHeavy 12 volt electrical systemSealed beam headlight set in front.

This Cushman has the 7. Dade City, FL 2 years ebay. Willandale golf cart sales! Cushman 62A sport. Vassar, MI 2 years ebay. This is a super nice original bike, it runs and rides great, also has electric start Electric Engine.Discussion in ' Performance ' started by DanSep 21, Log in or Sign up. Japanese Mini Truck Forum. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. I made a new discovery last week at work. I went straight to the specs in the manual and it is actually a cc 3cyl carbureted daihatsu motor. I locked down the rpm governing slides and took it for a drive It snapped up over rpms with impressive power and probably a little more rpm's to spare.

I know they changed engines a few times after they abandoned the "OMC lincoln" motors and am not sure how long they stuck with the daihatsu but thought it was worth mentioning here. Most were dedicated trucks for spraying or some other low hours of operation task.

I wonder how it would perform in a mini concidering the extra few hundred cc's??? DanSep 21, Mighty MiltSep 22, Trying to find out more info. AcerguySep 22, From all the forums that I have come across, the 27HP engine is used but is not a very common engine in most Cushman Trucksters or Haulsters. There is a Yahoo Group site that is strictly dedicated to Cushman Trucks that has a ton of information if anyone is even thinking of an engine swap.

Only thing is, that a Cushman in good shape with a good engine will usually sit you back a few dollars. Last edited: Sep 22, Mini4WDSep 22, My guess is that its the ED series cc Seen here. It's hp rating is at the governed rpm's. I 've had many of the old trucksters over the years at golfcourses and all of them had the omc-lincoln motors except these. Sounded like a rowdy road bike DanSep 22, I just looked at the performance curves that are posted in the links above and it looks like they are all in the same vicinity.

TimetripperSep 22, DanOct 4, Nope, can't say that i have. If I do, it will definately show up here though. DanOct 20, All of them that i have seen are just 6 valve so far. I want a race truck I've been adding racing stickers to mine since i got it and i think the "MSD" sticker really helped a lot. I gained about rpm's and 40 mph.Make Cushman. Model Husky. This is a very good bike, purchased it from a person who's spouse passed away years ago, this person had very little history on the bike, only that it was restored about 15 to 20 years ago.

It's such great shape I can't bring myself to use it as an everyday type of ride. I have other interest now. Willing to sell, not going to give it away at a lowball price, on the other hand, not going to ask a ridiculous price either. Fun to ride, get lots of looks and compliments. I retain the right to pull the add at any time as I have this scooter listed in the local paper and at a scooter dealer also.

Serious inquires ONLY! Last buyer was a no show at the time for delivery. Thanks for looking. This carb and intake came off of a husky that i purchased,i never ran the scooter on this carb,i went to the Mikuni carb kit from Arcadia cushman,other than dirty it looks good and it was completely hooked up when purchased,it comes with the orig.

Once the carb has been taken apart i cannot give a refund on it so ask questions before bidding. Model 38M9. I'm not sure of the exact year since I don't have a title in hand. This came from a local collectors estate. They could not find the title at time of listing. It's possible they may never find it so you may have to apply for a new title in your state. The gentleman had this restored many years ago.

It looks to be complete and in nice looking condition. There are some dings and dents here and there but overall this displays very nice.

In the photos you will see some dust on the fenders. I didn't want to rub it off with a rag as I didn't want to scratch it. I have not tried to start this as he stored all of his cars,cycles with no gas. I'm sure this will start up and run fine. It may need some minor tinkering.

I'm listing this as local pickup only due to the size of the item. I do have the keys for this. Your more than welcome to stop by and check it out. Payment will be cash on pick up. I'm not an expert on every item I sell so if I forgot to mention something just ask and I'll try to answer your question.Cushman Vendors and Services.

I also repair or exchange 30, 50, and 60 series 6 volt generators. Contact Nevin Swigart at: Nevco, Inc. Wenger Road, Englewood, Ohio or call or Give us a call with your cushman needs, new and used parts available. If we don't have your part, we will do our best to find it for you.

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Shop Phone: Cell Ph: - Fast Cushman Specializing in performance and unique products for Cushman scooters. Contact Jason. Haskell County Cushman.

cushman husky engine timing

Reproduction parts, chrome accessories and scooters. We also do restorations. Short St. Ph: - or - All amsoil motor oils meet or exceed API service requirements. All of Amsoils synthetic motorcycle oils are over treated with robust additive packages, including high levels of calcium, phosphorus, ZINC, and additional oxidation inhibitors.

Phone: Six years in Cushman restoration. All work to your satisfaction. Phone: - Located at: Mary Drive, Prattville, Alabama They are a full time dealer in Cushman parts with over 60 different vendors. Call for advice or place an order to Bert Barnette at - Fax number: Located in Conyers, Georgia. Call Mike at Parts for Cushman twin cylinder and electric vehicles. They have brand new cylinders that can be used either on the single or twin OMC.Cushman Motor Scooters were built in Lincoln, Nebraska from until Dean began tinkering with engines in a high school shop class at the age of Back then all his friends and cousins had Cushman scooters, Dean wished he did too.

A few more years passed and no Cushman, but at the age of 16, Dean could now drive a car. He started his own shop repairing small lawnmower engines so he had money to buy gas and maintain his car, but his love for scooters remained. At the age of 39, he purchased his first Cushman a Super Silver Eagle.

Since that time Dean has put his heart into restoring and showing Cushman Scooters. It has an 8hp Husky Cushman engine with a 2-speed transmission.

The seat upholstery is original and the factory colors were duplicated to specs. According to Bergdall, Cushman made the very best engine.

It is reliable, dependable and powerful. Dean is currently rebuilding a Cushman Husky 5hp flathead engine. He said that in Outboard Marine Corporation improved this engine to an all-aluminum to compete with Honda. Cushman had been in the engine business since but the Cushman Scooters were not manufactured until Cushman also made an Airborne version for the military with a channel iron frame that was designed to be dropped by parachute.

Maybe someday he will take it out of the box. Cushman enthusiasts dream of not only riding these scooters but owning their own. The Cushman Scooter is still alive.

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