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Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by JeephotoJan 3, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. JeephotoJan 3, Worth, Texas. I want a street bike; a dual sport to ride streets, dirt roads and jeep trails. I've looked at all the current dualsports and I can neither afford them nor do I completely like everything about them.

How do I connect a direct on line (DOL) starter to a single phase motor?

I am frustrated. We've had alot of fun on this bike as it is a good size for myself 5'8", lbs and my teenage sons. So, my plan is to take the CRF and put a dual-sport kit on it. I don't know about the speedometer yet. I plan on only riding the bike around town on secondary roads to develop my street skills and trailering it to places like Moab and SW Colorado to ride Jeep trails. I won't ride highways, so the small engine should not be a problem. What do ya'll think of the Baja Designs kit?

Is it good quality and fairly easy to install? Is there a better DP kit out there? Has anyone ever done the street legal thing to a CRF? How is it and do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. The baja designs kits are pretty good though. RideAboutJan 3, Joined: May 3, Oddometer: 2, Location: Oregon.We may have it available and not on the website yet. Once you receive, install it and are satisfied with the performance. This means without an O2 sensor on the head or exhaust, it does not have a learning system to make slight changes for engine modifications like most motorcycles do.

So if you are to make a change to your modification, you will need to send the ECU in for a reflash to the new modifications. These tunes have not yet been tested to interchange companies as they do offer different piston designs and compression ratios. Stage 3 Big Bore Tunes These tunes have not yet been tested to interchange companies as they do offer different piston designs and compression ratios.

This product is legal for closed-course competition use only; for racing vehicles a competition vehicle not used on public highways. Intended for off-road use or race purposes; does not meet regulations of pollution controlled roads or highways. B for use on public roads or lands. It will not be calculated at checkout due to this being listed as a service, but since you are purchasing a new ECU with the flash service on it you will have to pay sales tax on the amount of the ECU itself.

We will email you after your order has been placed to figure out the sales tax amount. Select Option:. Add To Cart.Downloads v Ac Wiring Diagram accuweather acorn tv acorn access access sheridan acorn uoft accesd activision accuweather toronto actor account accesd desjardins. Diagram Base Website Full Edition. Ac Ac Brittanie 4 stars - based on reviews.

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You don't need a huge mess in your diagram. Step three: Now you are prepared to put in a border.Wiring residential homes with volts is a necessity, for powering some heating and cooling equipment as well as some large appliances.

The volt circuits as they were known prior to the s are now commonly known as volt circuits and volt circuits are now volt circuits. The volts feeding the main electric panel runs on two different wires each carrying volts with respect to a third wire called the neutral and common to both.

Each volt line runs degrees out of phase with the other. With the neutral as common to both, if a multimeter was used to measure across the neutral line and any one of the two colored power hot lines, the reading would be volts.

If it was measured across the two power hot lines, it would be at volts. This allows half the amount of amperage to power a Watts heater, for instance, as opposed to running a Watts portable heater plugged into a volts outlet since the current used in amps is calculated by dividing the Wattage in each case by the voltage which is in the first and in the second case.

If the appliance is a stove and requires volts to operate a clock, certain controls, and control board along with volts to run the elements, a three-wire cable will be needed to hook it up with two hot wires and a neutral which will provide the volts across either one of the hotline.

On the other hand, if a hot water heater is being hooked-up, a two-wire cable with two hotlines will be required, without a neutral wire. A lot of high wattage appliances, however, will require volts hookup to operate at a lower power consumption rate. Any volts circuit will be protected through a two-pole breaker, which is essentially two breakers positioned side-by-side in a larger casing with the arms of both mechanically tied together so that if one is tripped, both sides of the line go off.

The National Electrical Code NEC now requires that this type of wiring be used predominantly in residential home construction. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation subscribe.

Understanding and Volt Wiring. Written by Hannah Madans. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.

Charles Ouellet. Water Heater: Winterize a Home on a Budget. Ground Wire: Wiring Outlets in Parallel. Oven Range: Ovens. Popular Articles. Terms of the Trade: What is a Double Pol By Om Cliem. Electric Wire Color Code.What is going on here? I just bought the F, and already I'm modifying it. Well it's in my nature to change any new bike that I buy.

I justify changes as 'personalization', but I suspect I'm just a closet engineer, and I want to 'design' my own changes to satisfy my engineering urges. I did the following in no particular order:.

Naked bike - Removed unnecessary plastic, which included tank shrouds, side and front number plates. The bare black tank is rather crude looking.

I cut the two right-side number plate spacers off the muffler; I don't use the side number plates, and I needed to get that extra weight off. With the plastic side covers number plates removed, part of the battery compartment was exposed.

I made a small unobtrusive plastic cover to secure the area. I also made a small box for the front that holds my lunch, extra gloves, etc. I made both of these out of Kydex plasticwhich is easily cut and is heat deformable. Purchased the Motion Pro "MP" tool kit and small vise grip pliers to carry in the box on the front.

The pak mounts using four straps with clips that fasten over the fender edges, although I run the straps through slits in the fender, so they absolutely won't pop off. Mounted a trailer marker light as a tail light.

Mounted the license plate backed with a thin piece of plastic. Footpegs - If you ride in rocks who doesn't? The cotter pins often get mashed and dragged off, and then the washers drop off. To minimize this problem, I reversed the foot peg pins, mounting the cotter pins and washers on the top. The flat heads on the foot peg pivot pins don't stick down at all and can take substantial abuse and never come off.

Shifter bolt - Replaced the shifter mounting bolt with a longer bolt, then added a lock nut. The shifter will never come loose!

New footpegs on new footpeg mounting brackets. Homemade skidplate - Made a skid plate to protect the frame rails under the engine. The Honda-supplied protector only covers the frame at the front and leaves the lower rails exposed. I cut a piece of plastic from a blue feed pail and mounted it with some old MSR skid-plate mounting clamps. Exhaust diffuser and intake baffle - As noted before, the exhaust is too noisy with the diffuser removed.Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. LostInPANov 2, I picked one up and I'm loving it. I think this has great potential as a play bike, learner bike and tinker bike, trail basher. Money-wise it seems a great value if you are interested in this type of bike. Hopefully this bike takes off and others join the club. But if not, maybe ten years from now this thread will help some other guy who picks one up. Links to technical posts and parts info, etc.

Skid Plate Comparison Ricochet vs. Tech Specs, Torque and Service Info. Ra cin g! KLXG Enduro racing Steering Damper Quest. Full size tires.

The KLX140G Thread

Excel aluminum rims. Rim locks from factory. Front and rear disc brakes. Opened up ergos. Rubber mounted reversible bar mounts. A real rear shock. Forks are nothing special but have been fine with my big self on it.

Tuned for adults. Exhaust is quiet but has a pleasing note. It's light and you can throw it around at lbs fueled up. IRC Vulcanduro tires stock.

Baja Designs Squadron Pro/S2 LED Headlight Install on a Honda CRF450L

Pretty nice. Has a watt stator so you can put LEDs on it, heated grips or a dual sport kit and plate it with no stator mod required. Bike is DC and has a rectifier and such already on it.The Timer circuits are used to produce time delay intervals for triggering a load.

This time delay is set by the user. This timer circuit is designed to switch on a 12 V load in a solar-powered installation for a preset period at the press of a button. When the period has expired a latching relay disconnects both the load and the controller circuit from the 12 V supply. The IC is a stage binary ripple counter which generates the basic time delay pulses. Variable resistor R1 can be adjusted to get different time delays.

The delay pulse is obtained at IC The counter output is set by a jumper. The output from the goes to a transistor switch arrangement. A jumper sets the option.

The relay will turn ON after the end of the count period and stay on so long as power is supplied to the circuit. When the supply is ON then transistors T1 and T2 are activated, then supply voltage is slowly goes to low. The supply voltage start at 12V when supply is ON then slowly goes down. This is working of long duration timer. Generally the power consumption by the domestic refrigerator is quite large during peak hours from 6 pm to 9 pm and is much more on low voltage lines.

Hence it is most appropriate to switch off the fridge during these peak hours. Here a circuit is demonstrated which automatically switches off the fridge during this peak period and switches it on after two and half hours, thus enabling the saving of energy. An LDR is used as the light sensor to detect the darkness around 6 pm. During day light, LDR has less resistance and it conducts. This keeps the reset pin 12 of IC1 high and the IC remains off without oscillating.

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