20mm ecw miniatures

20mm ecw miniatures

As you will see from our contents list, we offer a large range of models covering most wargame periods and sizes. At the last count it was over Most of our ranges list either armies or sets saving you more over the cost of single figures.

They are designed to help beginners get started and old campaigners afford that army they have been promising themselves for years. In fact something for everyone. Thank you for your support. May your dice always roll true!! Best Wishes.

Available Vintage Figures

John and Peter. Dragon Fantasy 25mm Dragon fantasy range expanded with new figures including new dragon and Amazon Cavalry and Citadel Guard Cavalry [more Crusade Miniatures 25mm Medieval Welsh range details now online [more Please note xxx ngono kenya patrick danlod all miniatures manufactured and supplied by Warrior are made from a lead alloy and are not toys.

They are not suitable for children of any age. All miniatures are supplied unpainted. This site is copyright Warrior Miniatures. Thank you for visiting the Warrior Miniatures website.

20mm ecw miniatures

We also accept all Debit cards. This site is copyright Warrior Miniatures 1st January In all the ranges figurines or models are designed to be used as games pieces, this dictates the model must have a certain amount of robustness along with the need for historical accuracy. Some very large models are produced in Resin. The choice of scale is important as the size of models can restrict the type of game played, I have selected to produce in scales where the item can be used for the largest battles of the period, and still be recognised as an individual design mark or variant.

The text below explains the ranges produced. Painting and presentation of models or figurines is all part of this hobby, though working on smaller scales can pose its problems. Links Please find some of our favourite site links. I first produced miniature figurines in the mid s as a founder of Asgard Miniatures, then moving onto design and manufacture gift and commemorative items Mucky Duckwhile also creating Tumbling Dice wargames ranges.

The designs reflect my preferences of scale and style, aimed to make practical wargames figures and models, for gaming projects of any size from individual skirmishes to entire battles.

I would like to thank all my customers over the many years for their support and help, and future customers who I hope will find opportunities in my designs to expand their ideas and projects onto new horizons. Tumbling Dice Gaming miniatures. Search for:. Home Product Rationale In all the ranges figurines or models are designed to be used as games pieces, this dictates the model must have a certain amount of robustness along with the need for historical accuracy.

All Rights Reserved. Site Maintained by Stormrider Studios.Founded inwe are now the largest manufacturer of 10mm wargames miniatures, with nearly products spread across over ranges and more being released every month. We pride ourselves on quality products and excellent customer service.

Polish 16th C. Ottoman Turk 16th C. We're still open for business! Keep calm and stay safe! The first edition is now available! More revamped Ancients ranges now available! Show Dates ! Pre-orders always 7 days in advance please! Price Increase - Feb 1st Get your orders in before then! Saladin and Saracen released! Two useful armoured cars for the modern gamers! Stock Clearance Sale! Grab a bargain, first-come first-served! Extra Elizabethan codes released!

Providing some handy options for Ireland in the late 16th century! New Bulk Base deal sizes! New Dacians and Sarmatians now available! Our latest revamped Ancient ranges have been released! Scale Specialties decals now available!

All 10mm designs have been added to our website! Indian Mutiny range released! Another new range now available! Napoleonic Casualties and Civilians released! Kfz - Upgrades and Additions! We've upgraded the existing codes as well as adding loads of new variants! TB Line Teutonics now available! The next TB Line range is back online! V1 launch ramp released! An excellent objective for your WWII games!

Trench railway! Narrow gauge railway and Simplex locomotive released! We're now stocking a variety of the Javis products! Including static grass, scatters, hedges, walls and more! Pendraken acquires Castle Arts 10mm Japanese buildings coming soon! More 10mm Napoleonics now available!

The first of these excellent ranges is now back in production! Pendraken Zoo gets an expansion! Korean War released!Cart Contents Checkout My Account. English Civil War? Product Name Price. Latest workbench. Payment Methods. Shopping Cart. Quick Find.

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Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. Advanced Search. Like us on Facebook! ECW1 Mounted staff command. Buy Now. ECW2 Foot command standing 2 Officers, 2 standard bearers, 1 drummer, 1 fifer. ECW3 Foot command advancing 2 Officers, 2 standard bearers, 1 drummer, 1 fifer. ECW4 Armoured pike with tassets standing. ECW6 Unarmoured pike half helmeted standing. ECW7 Unarmoured Pike no helmetsadvancing. ECW8 Musketeers firing A. ECW9 Musketeers loading. ECW10 Musketeers advancing.

ECW13 Demi-Culverin 9 pounder gun plus crew firing. ECW14 Minion 4 pounder gun plus crew manouvering. ECW16 Cuirassiers, drawn swords. ECW17 Horse command, hats officer, cornet, trumpeter. ECW18 Horse command, helmeted officer, cornet, trumpeter.

20mm ecw miniatures

ECW19 Horse, attacking, hats.If you find any of these links no longer working please let me know. See also IXO link below. Easy Model Easy Model are the ready made range of models think diecasts except all-plastic produced by Trumpeter Models. Flag Dude In my opinion Rick makes the best flags around — ready to use mounted on poles with finials. Recently they have re-released their old 20mm WW2 ranges doen by the Perrys around Hasegawa Hasegawa. Also 19th Century Colonial, Napoleonic, etc. Heller Heller.

IXO also produce the Altaya die-casts. Minimi Miniatures Produce a range of affordable WWII 20mm vehicles and terrain, and the range is being expanded regularly. The range of vehicles is designed to be, as close as possible, ready to paint; needing little or no assembly and all vehicles have been hand finished Mirage Hobbies Mirage Hobbies of Poland.

Panzerstahl Panzerstahl is a new manufacturer with their offices in Germany. Accumulating at a glacial pace.

WW2 Italian Cavalry. Roden Models Roden Models. Thoroughbred Models Thoroughbred Models. Search for:. Recent Comments. On one of his last trips we chat I can smell the fumes of the black powder from the rifles. Co-incidentally I have some boxes of Warlord Zulus and British which have been in my unpainted figure mountain for mumble years- yo And a few are Copplestone from their Back Of Beyond range Subscribe by RSS.I see what you mean about SHQ cavalry command figures, not bad at all and the horses look reasonable too, I might well invest in a few to fill gaps, roll on our game!!

I've got quite a lot of the Kennington figures and they are very nice. They mix reasonably well with the Tumbling Dice figures also - unfortunately my army was finished before I discovered that John had the LH figures! If you want to see some pics of painted Kenningtons, just shout.

I know exactly what you mean about having limited choice, and being reliant upon extinct ranges. My own Napoleonic adventures were in 15mm, and finding true 15mm figures is difficult to say the least. Those SHQ figures have a real Minifigs look about them. Any relation? Not sure who did the ECW.

These are a bit more cartoon-like than Minifigs - must say I like them. Their horses became something of a house standard, and I used them to good effect with Tumbling Dice riders - makes them look more consistent. All these years later, I'm still happy with figure mix, though some bigger ranges would have made the personalities easier.

GaryP 14 February at Conrad Kinch 16 February at Radar 29 April at MSFoy 29 April at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.That was how I met Les". Higgins, a trained sculptor and patent-maker, was at that time working for the toy company Mettoy. We were mainly doing vinyl, squeaky toys. Les was a keen military modeller and he saw the figures that had started to come on the market around that time and thought, "I can do better than that". Higgins had begun making 20mm figures in the late s.

His first efforts were a range of English Civil War soldiers. A friend of Higgins, George Hanger, helped with administration of the fledgling business. Charles Grant noted "They are splendid types and in the 20mm scale at the moment there is nothing better on the market".

John Garratt calls them "exquisite" and even the not so easily impressed John Cross of Scale Models concludes, "The finest 20mm figures it has been my privilege to handle". The figures justify the plaudits. Beautifully detailed, flattish and noticeably smaller than Hinton Hunt they have a rare dash and charm to them.

Shortly afterwards they took up residence in Earls Barton in a tiny building nicknamed "the stone caravan". A 20mm Marlburian range including grenadiers, musketeers, cavalry and artillery was added in Reviewing these Armchair General magazine noted that they were "definitely not to be excelled in this scale".

And Grant waxes enthusiastically, "The [Marlburian] cavalry especially are absolutely exquisite. A 25mm Napoleonic range by Higgins was a addition. These are "true" 25mm, compatible with early Garrison and Minifigs and just a couple of millimetres taller than Hinton Hunt. Around the same time Marlow, with some help from Higgins, produced a 25mm Sudan War range of five British infantry, five highlanders and a 21 st lancer, 2 "fuzzy-wuzzies", 2 dervish infantry and a dervish cavalryman.

The figures are up to the usual high standard though, "For some reason all my officers are left-handed," he says. The 25mm figures have rectangular bases most of the 20mm are on round ones. The underside of the earlier figures carries the words "Les Higgins.

England" in copperplate script. Later figures have PMD and the serial number stamped on them. Originally sold individually, the company soon switched to a packs system. Marlow does not believe that is the case, however, "Les did some jewellery and some sculptures for other people but he only did figures for us," he says.

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